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Thule Apex 4 Swing Hitch Bike Rack Review - 2013 Dodge Durango

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Review of the Thule Apex 4 Swing Hitch Bike Rack on a 2013 Dodge Durango

Today on our 2013 Dodge Durango well be test fitting the Thule Apex Swing four bike carrier, part number TH9027. To begin our test fit well slide the shank of the carrier into the opening of the hitch, line up our pin holes, insert the spring-loaded pin into the pin hole and turn the black knob to engage our anti-rattle device. Now well go ahead and go over a few clearance measurements to see how the bike carrier and this vehicle will fit together. Theres about 13 inches of ground clearance. From the closest part of the carrier to the closest part of the vehicle here at the rear bumper is about two inches. With the cradle arms folded down weve added about 11 inches to the overall length of the vehicle.

Well then pull the grey lever at the top of the mast to swing the cradle arms out, and well measure from the cargo door to the end of the cradle arms, and well get a measurement of 36 inches. To load the bike, well undo the cradle straps, set the bike into the frame cradles and secure it with the straps. To access the cargo area well unscrew the black T handle located at the bottom back of the carrier and then pull up on the other black T handle. This will allow us to swing the carrier out and have access to our cargo area. That completes todays test fit for the Thule Apex Swing four bike carrier, part number TH9027 on our 2013 Dodge Durango..