Thomas Payne RV Jackknife Sofa Installation - 2017 Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

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How to Install a Thomas Payne RV Jackknife Sofa on a 2017 Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with Today, we're going to be taking a look at some Thomas Payne Jackknife RV Sleeper Sofas on our 2017 Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer. And it's going to be pretty nice because it's going to fit in this little extension piece right here. So in this specific video, we're going to be taking a look at the 62 inch sleeper sofa with this little center console here. And what we're going to do is show you guys how to install it, get it all set up in your RV.

We're also going to go over just some of those specs and measurements just so you guys know. So whether you're just upgrading from your factory furniture or just the stuff you've had for years isn't really cutting it anymore, I do think this is going to be a good pick just because you have a lot of different options if you're really just looking to use it for another sleeping bed or something like that.You might actually want to check out one that doesn't have a center console. I did notice when I was laying on it, I could kind of feel that hard panel in the back but it wasn't too bad. But we do have ones that won't have that. It'll be a little bit easier on you and you won't really be able to feel it of course because it won't be there.

Other than that, there is a good use for it out in the living room over there where we have our TV and everything. If you're going to use it for something like a movie room or something like that I do think having the cup holders will be a plus. I always like to have a good drink whenever I'm watching a good movie. So hopefully this video helped you guys figure out exactly what you guys are wanting.This was the 62 inch but honestly in this little spot we could fit the 68 inch if we really wanted to utilize all that space. And when it comes to RVs, that's pretty much what it all comes down to.

With the little amount of space that we have, we want to be able to utilize that, give everybody plenty of rooms so we can enjoy our trip when we're on the road. A lot of you guys we're wondering if it was going to fit into your RV and that's what this video is for. We're going to go ahead and see if it does. All right, so I am holding it flat right now. Not too difficult to carry, but I do have a little bit of help holding the other side, the other part there.

All right, so far so good. It fits through the door. It's about 28 inches wide. It pivots pretty well and now we pretty much have a clear shot.So a lot of you guys are putting your 62 inch couch in your living room right here. It will fit, but today we are going to be putting it in the kids' playroom in the back. We actually have enough room for me to actually squeeze in with it and we're pretty much here, ready to go. Lay it down. Now we can get to assembly it. So these legs, it's going to be pretty simple to put them on. We see all these holes here. We're probably going to use the farthest ones out. Going to line that up a little bit and we're going to put our bolt in through the hole. And on the other end, we're going to put a nylon lock nut. And I'm just going to thread this on by hand to start and then of course do the other one.And once we start tightening them down, we're going to grab by a half inch socket and wrench and just tighten these up real quick. And we're going to do the same exact thing for the other side. Now that our feet are on there, we'll do your best just to kind of get it laid down. I'm going to keep it in the flat position just initially and I want to push it all the way to the wall there. And what that's going to do is just going to make sure and allow us to keep it in the bed position when we want it because we do suggest actually hard mounting it to the floor. Right now we're not really going to do it, but we'll show you how.So if we we're to fast this down, there's going to be two holes here and here, and we're pretty much going to have to supply all our own hardware and pretty much just drill those down. I would probably use just a self tapping bit long enough to go through and just grab some of that floor because, one, it is kind of difficult to collapse and uncollapse this sleeper sofa when it's not bolted out. And of course, whenever you're driving you don't want it to be shifting around and damage your walls. So from our wall all the way just to the start of our foot here, it's going to be about nine and a half inches. So whenever you're putting this somewhere and bolting it down, just give yourself nine and a half inches between your leg and your wall.Now that we're done with the installation part of our video, we're going to go ahead and give you a bunch of measurements. So initially, when it's just obviously out, it is going to be 62 inches. I think we said that earlier, but that's going to be to the brackets on the outside. We are going to have about 42 inches of cushion there. Now we're going to go ahead and actually just kind of put this up into the couch position. So, as I said before, it's a little difficult to do when it's not bolted down, since we didn't bolt it down, but kind of just rock it back and forth. As you can see, I'm really struggling so I would definitely end up bolting it down. But once you get it, it really wants to sit down like so, it really isn't going to sit up a whole lot, but like some of those love seats that you get, they go all the way up to the back of your head or your neck or something like that, this is going to be about my shoulder blades.So from the seat all the way up, as you can see, it's about 19 inches and it's actually pretty comfortable. We put this down. This isn't going to take out a whole lot of space. We have some that have bigger center consoles. So it's going to be a good arm rest for you if you need it and of course these cupholders, they're going to be a standard size, an interior diameter of about three and a quarter inches. So it should fit most of your drinks you may be putting in there. So when it's in the bed position, we want to see just how far it's going to stick out from that wall. All the way to the wall here to the cushion, it's going to be about 42 inches. So for some of those younger kids you may have with you on your trip, we want to see if they're going to be able to get up on this couch or bed easily and safely.It's going to be about 19 and a half inches up. So just be mindful of that if you plan on buying this for a kid. It isn't too low but it isn't too high either so I think it'd be fine. But another thing that is a plus with these Jackknife Sleeper Sofas is just the fact that you're not going to have all that dead space underneath of it. Obviously, in an RV, we need to figure out and utilize all of our space to the best of our ability. Luckily, we're going to have all this space back here to be able to do so, so let's just measure from the wall to where our feet sit. And that's going to be about 29 inches or so. And then on the inside of our bars here we are going to have about 58 and three-quarter inches and it is going to sit, the couch is going to start about an inch over a foot. So 13 inches. So if you put that in, that's the amount of surface area you're going to have to be able to store it.We'll do one more measurement for you because once we do store everything up, we actually have an option to put this panel down just to kind of hide all that stuff if it's just necessities that you need, just in case you're not going to be getting them out all the time. You might as well just keep your RV looking nice and pretty. This will sit kind of on there like so. So it's always nice buying furniture because, one, it's going to be comfier, it might be an upgrade from your factory furniture or your old stuff just might not be nice anymore. It might be worn away a little bit. So this is definitely going to be a plus, but just the fact that we can utilize the storage underneath is going to be a big benefit for me just because I usually overpack when I go on trips. This way we could have all of our essentials just underneath here so we don't really have to worry about that when we get in the RV and just start going.So we do have different types of materials to pick from. We have some kinds that are just cloth, kind of a cloth weave, and then we have the vinyl type is what you see here. Of both of them, I would definitely recommend the vinyl type just because it honestly looks like leather. I don't see a whole lot of different places where it will come undone. With the cloth, you have many different points at which all those fibers are kind of linking together. They could snag up on something like pants whenever you're sliding on and off over time. With this, we don't really have a whole lot of different joints that could come apart. And also, I always really have a dog with me whenever I go traveling, so pet hair, out of pure experience, is a lot easier to get out of these kind of couches compared to a cloth type as well.And also, we can take a wet rag and wipe it down if it gets sticky. If something like that spills on a cloth couch, you can't really bring something wet to it unless you have it dry overnight. Other than that, if I we're to recommend one, I would definitely go with the vinyl. I just think it's going to be easier for cleaning and all of that sort of stuff. You're going to get all the same benefits and all the same exact installation process. It's not going to be any different, it's just going to be a little bit easier to clean. Well, everyone that just about does it for our look at the Thomas Payne Jackknife RV Sleeper Sofas on our 2017 Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer.

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