Thomas Payne RV Jackknife Sofa Installation - 2017 Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

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How to Install a Thomas Payne RV Jackknife Sofa on a 2017 Grand Design Reflection Travel Trailer

Adam: Hi, everyone. Adam with Today we're going to be taking a look at some Thomas Payne Jackknife RV sleeper sofas, on our 2017 Grand Design Reflection travel trailer. It's going to be pretty nice because it's going to fit in this little extension piece right here.In this specific video what we're going to be doing is taking the 62 inch sleeper sofa without the center console. What we're going to do is show you guys how to install it, get it all set up in your RV. We're also going to go over some of those specs and measurements, just so you guys know.

Whether you're just upgrading from your factory furniture, or if just that old stuff that you've had for awhile isn't really cutting it anymore. I do think this will be an upgrade just because of how I was really impressed with the vinyl type fabric. It honestly looks like leather, feels really good, too. It's going to stay cool in those hotter summer days you might be out on the trails camping, or something like that.There are different kinds that we could use here. Some come with a center console.

Those might be better for like in the living room out there. The 62 inch should fit in that little slot. That's just going to be a little bit better, just for like those movie nights you might have. You'll have a little center console, it'll be great. This one doesn't have it, but this one's going to be ideal for sleeping.

That's why we put it back in the kid's room. We have a bed above here, we have a bed over there, and now we have a third bed with storage underneath of it.It's all about utilizing the storage space that you have in your RV because when you're traveling you want to be able to take this small, little travel trailer, and just turn it into a home. Spaciness is something that is number one on my list, just to keep everybody nice and comfortable.Now a lot of you guys we're wondering if it's going to fit into your RV, so we're going to find out for you. It really isn't too heavy, so I do think you'll be able to grab this bars back here, and get it in by yourself. Let's see if it'll fit in the door.

Height is good, but we're going to go ahead and see if we can rotate it around. This door's only about 28 inches wide, but I think we actually have enough room to go in there and go around the island, and get to that back room.A lot of you guys are putting your 62 inch couch in your living room, right here. It will fit, but today we're going to be putting it in the kid's play room in the back. So far so good, no struggle really. This door's wide enough for both me and the couch to fit, so that is a plus. I'm going to go ahead and put this down like this. I'm actually going to just kind of lean it up against this wall here, and we can go ahead and get our feet installed.These legs for the couch are going to be universal, so we don't have to put one on the right or the left. Just grab one and line it up. We're going to use these outer holes right here, just like that. The hardware does come with the kit. So we're just going to take a bolt here, kind of work it into that hole like that. It will have a nylon lock nut to go on the back end of it. Do your best to kind of hold it on there, kind of rotate this bolt. It isn't the easiest thing in the world, but once we get it on there that nylon lock nut is going to make it pretty easy to keep it nice and tight. I do just suggest just kind of hand tightening it at first, and then we'll come back around with our tools to tighten it up.It's going to be the same at the bottom, kind of line up that circle there like that. inaudible 00:04:10 in there, and again with our nylon lock nut. So now we can go ahead and grab our half inch socket and wrench, and just go in there and tighten it up. Then we can do the bottom one, same way. This is going to be the same exact process that we're going to do on the other side.Now that we have our legs installed, I'm going to go ahead and do my best to pivot this around, and get it on those legs there. I'm actually going to keep it in the bed position, and push it all the way up to that wall there. Because what we're going to do is, we're actually going to hard mount this to the floor. We're not going to show you exactly how to do it today, all it takes is just a couple self-tapping screws to do it. This is an RV so we don't want to drill holes where we don't have, but we do suggest it.On each side we are going to have two different holes, one here and one here. The hardware isn't included to get it secured down properly. I would just suggest maybe taking a washer and a self-tapping bolt, and just going down through to your floor. Then you should be ready to go. So, from our wall all the way just to the start of our foot here, it's going to be about nine and a half inches. So, whenever you're putting this somewhere and bolting it down, just give yourself nine and a half inches between your leg and your wall.Then we do actually have a panel that comes with this kit, that's going to slide over that bar on the frame of this thing, just like this. inaudible 00:06:05 squeezes that bar like that. That does it for our installation portion of this video. Now we're going to go in and do some measurements for you. What I'm going to do . You guys already know that this is the 62 inch long sleeper sofa, but I'm going to measure just the cushion portion to let you know how much comfortable seating you're going to be able to get, especially if we put it in this bed position for sleeping. From one end to the other, we are going to have about 60 1/2 inches, of width we're going to have about 41 1/2 inchesNow we're going to go ahead and just prop it up into the sofa position. Okay, so this isn't going to be like one of your loveseats that sits up, like the back of it sits up maybe to your head or above. It's going to be a little bit lower. To give you guys a frame of reference here, it's about at the lower end of my shoulder blades in the back. The measurement for you is going to be about 18 1/4 inches or so. To be honest this is extremely padded, so I was actually pretty impressed at that. Some of them have the center console that folds down. This one doesn't, so you have all that really deep cushion pad throughout the whole back of your sleeper sofa.If you we're planning on having littler kids, or even a little dog, on the trip with you, we're going to give you a height measurement just to see if they're going to have any struggles getting up onto it. It's only going to sit about 19 inches off the ground, which isn't a whole lot. It still is pretty comfy. I don't think they'll have any issues getting up there. Let's just go ahead and show you guys how much space we're going to have to store stuff with these jackknife type RV sleeper sofas. We are going to be able to utilize that space underneath. From the bar one end, all the way to this end, we're going to have about 58 3/4 inches. We are going to have a height of about 12 1/4 inches from this bar, but inside we will be able to gain about a half inch or so. Then we can block all that in so we don't have to look at it.Honestly, we do have pretty much enough room to maybe put some storage totes or something like that. I personally would use them for some of those necessity products that I need when I go on trips. Just so I'm not really scrounging around at the last minute to make sure we have all that. I would honestly get a couple totes with everything that we need, essentials wise, underneath this sofa.Just to touch more a little bit on the materials that we have available. There is going to be, obviously, the vinyl ones as you see here, a couple different colors. Also, we have some cloth ones as well, some will have the center console. The cloth ones, in my opinion, are going to be a little bit more prone to getting dirty and staying dirty over time. I know a lot of times when I go on trips I always have a dog with me. Dog hair and cloth don't really go that well together. This way, if we have anything like that, you can literally just take a wet cloth and wipe it down, and it'll be nice and clean. With the cloth, we're not really going to be able to wipe it down like that and get any of that up. It's just going to kind of soak the fabric, it's not going to really be a good deal.Also, you got to remember, we are in the kids section of this travel trailer. So, spills and stuff like that might get a little abundant on the actual cloth one. With this vinyl one, again, all you really need to do is pretty much wipe it clean and you're ready to go. At the end of the day whenever you're on trips, you just want to relax and enjoy it. Making the little tasks like cleaning up after your kids or your dog or whatever, minimizing the amount of time that that'll take to do that is going to maximize your time to be able to hang out with your friends and family. That's why I do think the vinyl will be the better bet for you guys.Well everyone, that just about does it for our look at the Thomas Payne Jackknife RV sleeper sofas on our 2017 Grand Design Reflection travel trailer.

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