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Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup

On this 2006 Dodge Ram Pickup, 2500 Series, we're going to review and install the Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Break Controller. Part number: TK90160. Also, to help us with our install, we'll be using part number: 3020-P from Tekonsha. This is a Dodge Break Control Wire Harness. This is what the Tekonsha Primus IQ Break Controller looks like, when installed in our Dodge truck. This is your manual override control right here. This only applies the breaks on the trailer, if you ever need it. Take a look at our display here, it also shows an NC, which means no connection to a trailer, which is correct for us right now.

At the bottom, there are two dots. This one shows power is being sent to the break controller and it's ready to go. This dot, here, shows a boost setting. Boost setting controls how hard the breaks initially come on when you hit the break petal. The boost button is this button, right here, on top.

You've got boost 1, boost 2, and boost 3, and a setting for no boost. With these settings, maybe 4 if you count with no boost, this is great for a variety of different trailers. If you have a very light trailer, inaudible 00:01:16, probably set on boost 0. The heavier you get, the more boost you want. When you apply the boost, what will happen when you hit the breaks on, it will actually send a pulse of power out to the breaks first. It will actually feel like the trailer is leading the truck breaks, just for a very short time afterwards, and then it goes back to inertia mode, and it matches what your truck is doing.

It gives you a smooth complete stop. Let's go ahead and plug in the trailer and see how the display changes. You can see there's a C for connection. When we hit the manual override, you can see how it scrolls through the power levels. To change the power level, go ahead and move the manual override over, and spin the gain wheel, on the left hand side. We're on level 12, and we go down to, basically, 0. Let's go ahead and take it for a short test drive and see how our display works.

We've got our foot on the break petal and it shows just a little bit of voltage, which is fine. We'll go ahead and take off. We'll hit the break. We'll notice the boost setting come on instantly, and then, as we slow down, we'll watch it go to inertia, and the number will probably come back down to where it is now. Now, to install our break controller, first we need to get our truck ready to do that. We'll work with our wire harness first. The wire harness will plug into the factory port, located right here. It's the blue colored port, and it's just behind the parking break, and towards the firewall. We'll take our wire harness, we'll line it up and plug it into place. It makes it really easy. This is the other end of our wire harness, I'll plug into our break controller. It might be a good idea to go ahead and route it to where you want it to be first, loosely of course, until you install your break controller. Our break controller is going to go in this area right here. You have a nice variety of range to install it. Just make sure yours is in straight line with the truck. We have a bracket already installed in our break controller just to help visualize how it's going to sit. Once we're satisfied with that, we'll take it out of the bracket and install it onto this dashboard. It will come with two sheet metal screws to help hold it in place. We'll need a quarter inch nut driver to install them. There's only two holes in the bracket. We'll go ahead and plug our wire harness into our break controller. Looks like we've already got power. We've got stuff on our display. To install it into our bracket, these little corners right here, will go into these corners on our break controller. On the side here, you have three levels of adjustment on the bracket. You can tilt this down or up as needed, to wherever you like it. With those few simple steps, our break controller is already installed in our truck. Next up, you'll want to hook up your trailer to it, and go on a few test drives to set it up the way you want it. And that will finish it for a Tekonsha Primus IQ Trailer Break Controller. Part number: TK90160. On this 2006, Dodge Ram Pickup, 2500 Series, truck. .

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