Trailer Brake Controller Installation - 2009 Ford F-150

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How to Install a Trailer Brake Controller on a 2009 Ford F-150

Today on this 2009 Ford F-150 regular cab, we're going to install a brake controller. The Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller, part number 90195. To help us with our install, we're also going to use part number 22292, the Tow Ready Plug-In Wiring Adapter for Electric Brake Controllers. We'll start off with that part first. Looks like we have power going to it so that's a good sign. Manual override says no trailer connected and that makes sense because we don't have it hooked up.

Let's go ahead and hook up our trailer. Looks like it shows a little icon of a truck and trailer so we're good to go. Let's hit the manual override. We can see how it scrolls through the numbers, so that's a good sign. Real quick check.

Let's go ahead and hit the pedal for brake. It shows a small amount of numbers, so it looks like everything is working. To get access to the tow package port, it's basically right in this pocket right here at the back end of it, so let's take this whole, entire silver part off. Not too bad, but you do need some patience. First off, you can pull back with your fingers down here and get it started a little bit. Works best to get a plastic pry bar and work your way up.

Sometimes it may help to start from the top and work your way down as well. Work it just a little bit at a time to pop it loose. This corner will catch a little bit so you have to take it at an angle like this. Also, it overlaps this corner right here as well. I pulled down just a little bit and it came loose.

You just have to work it until it comes loose and there is 1 cable right behind here. We disconnect that. We'll just leave that alone for now. Two screws take out this pocket. You'll need a 7 mm socket for this. Save the 2 screws. Pull the pocket out and here's our wire harness. Push down this tab right here and pull it away from the pocket. Put our brake controller adapter cord to it. Push together until it clicks and then we'll run this end of the cable through our opening down towards the bottom. Got enough light, you can see where to poke it through. You can also use a flashlight to help see inside as well. Then we'll go ahead and pull it out the bottom of the dash and then basically, we just go ahead and put our pocket back into place, connect our wire back up to its holder, and put the whole assembly back into place. We'll go ahead and find a location for our brake controller. It's going to be typically personal preference, but generally it gets put down on the right hand side here. I think what we're going to do is take our mount and put it about in this area right here. We'll start with off with the small bracket and I think I'll just line it up with this edge right here. We'll take the self-tapping screw that comes with the kit. We'll go ahead and run it through the plastic. We want this bracket to be level and in a straight line with the truck. Once we're satisfied, we'll install the second self-tapping screw. This bracket will fit on the inside edges of our first bracket and these holes will line up with the holes on the outside. Then we'll run 2 more self-tapping screws into place. On this side, a little bit close quarters, but we'll get the attachment started with our fingers and we'll use a small, stubby screwdriver with a flat blade to run the screw in. Now we'll go ahead and take our wire harness, plug into the back of our brake controller, and then snap the brake controller into our bracket. You can see we already have power up here, so we're okay there. Let's go ahead and take our wire, zip tie it and make sure it's safe and secure and out of the way, then we'll go ahead and work with the back end of the truck. Before we go underneath the truck, it's a good idea to take down the spare tire so you have easier access to our wires and our connections we need to make. To mount our 7-pole connector, we're going to need an extra part. We want to use a bracket that will go over the hitch and we can mount our 7-pole right here. This part number for the bracket it 18136 from Tow Ready. We'll take the clamp, run it through itself, and using a 5/16ths bit, we'll go ahead and tighten down the screw. Take our excess here, put a little bit of bend into it to keep it closer to the hitch. The 7-pole connector we're using is part number 37185. This comes with a 7-pole bracket and the hardware needed to attach the 2 together. To mount our 7-pole bracket, we're actually going to use the hardware that comes with this bracket here. Let's take the screws, drop them down from the top, put our bracket into place, install a our nuts on the other side, and we'll use a 3/8ths socket to tighten these guys down. Let's go ahead and attach our 7-pole to our bracket now and that comes with the hardware to connect those 2 together. We'll go ahead and bundle up our wires. We're just going to use some electric tape. Now we're going to connect this 4-pole end to this factory 4-pole on our truck. We just need to go ahead and take the cover off and this is just a friction fit so we can just pull straight down and loosen it up. These 2 we'll just plug together. One thing to note is that this is an extra thick connector and the sheath around this side is a little bit on the narrow side, so you'll probably end having to cut the sheath off to make it fit together. This will have to be cut down too. This is actually not even being used. Our ground is taken care of by our white wire at the ring terminal. We'll also use some dielectric grease, part number 11755, from Lubrimatic, to help protect our connections because this will be semi-permanent. Let's go ahead and push these 2 together and then we'll go ahead and secure it. We'll go ahead and bundle it up with some electrical tape. Next, we'll work with these 2 ends here. This black wire is used for a 12 volt power supply on our trailer and this blue wire is used for a brake controller output to power electric brakes on your trailer. These 2 eventually go and connect to wires up on the tow package here. Since this truck doesn't have a full tow package, the wires just stop right here and that's it, so eventually we'll connect to these 2 wires. We're going to have to extend our wires to connect up to the tow package. In this case, we're using part number 10-2-1, maybe 3 or 4 foot at the most. This is our cable and this is our extra wire. We need to cut the sheath back so we can attach it to the butt connectors. Go ahead and connect this up to our wires. Obviously, this is not the same colors, but we're going to go black to black and white to blue. Got these connections made. We'll go ahead and protect these guys with some more electrical tape. Then we'll just bundle all our wires together with some loose wraps and we'll go ahead and put it up underneath the bed of the truck. To attach our ground, we're going to use a self-tapping screw. This is number 14 self-tapping screw that uses a 3/8ths nut driver. I'm just going to go right through the cross member here. I'll go ahead and start it first and then add our wire. Our last wire is our purple wire and it's an optional wire. You can use it for whatever additional circuits you want. Traditionally, you can use it for a reverse light if your trailer uses it. Let's get the rest of our cable ready. We'll go ahead and strip the sheath back and make our connections to these 2 wires here. Let's go ahead and add a couple of 10 gauge butt connectors. Part number 05732-2 will work fine in this application. Let's go ahead and make our connection to these wires. We can go ahead and pull it apart to get a better view. Push down this tab right here and you can pull it apart. Little better access to our wires. I'm going to cut it about 3/4 of the way down. Won't need these guys. Strip these wires back and we'll put the butt connectors to them. In this case, we're going to connect our white wire to blue because that's our output from our brake controller. Secure these guys with some electrical tape and we'll go ahead and put these 2 halves back over top and connect it down. Let's go ahead and zip tie our wires to secure them. With that, that will finish for our install of Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Trailer Brake Controller, part number 90105, on our 2009 Ford F-150 regular cab. .

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