Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness Installation - 2020 Honda Pilot

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How to Install a Tekonsha T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness on a 2020 Honda Pilot

Questions and Comments about this Video

Todd W.

I don’t understand the need to disconnect the battery if the fuses are NOT installed yet. Seems like a lot of work for nothing including the reset codes, etc. etc. secondly, if I understand it right, there will be a second white block that the backup sensor plugs into? Do the blocks go together only one way? Do I just zip tie it somewhere? Any enlightenment is appreciated. Like to start this project, but don’t want any surprises with everything torn apart. Nice video otherwise! Would not have bought the product without it. 75750

Reply from Chris R.

Disconnecting the battery is a safety precaution. I highly recommend following this step even if it might just be overkill (you can never be too safe....). You're correct about the backup sensor being a nearby white plug. The install instructions do a pretty nice job of detailing this step (linked below). 61890


Is there a video showing connecting the other white connector for vehicles with backup sensors? I have pulled the side panel off and can’t find it, there doesn’t seem to be a video, pictures, or any details specifying where the other connector is located. 64474

Reply from Jacob H.

Unfortunately we have not had the chance to do an install on a Honda Pilot with the back up sensors. The plug for the back up sensors should be a white plug very close to the other plug that you will use to plug the rest of your wiring harness in. It will be located in the rear driver side panel with the rest of the wiring. If you're needing more details on the installation you can find the installation instructions on our product page. 54630

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