Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch Installation - 2011 Honda Rancher

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How to Install a Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch on a 2011 Honda Rancher

Today on our 2001 Honda Rancher were going to be installing the Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch part number 1120210. Well also be using the ATV winch mount kit part number 2202889 designed specifically for the Honda Rancher. To begin our install were going to remove the black bumper cover from the ATV. You have the 2 bolts on the bottom of the bumper cover and on the top here are 2 pushpins. With our front bumper cover removed well go ahead and loosen up the lower cover which will allow it to flex like so. We can now take our bottom plates facer and our main plate 2/4 by 3/4 bolts and their nuts within the frame of the ATV here.

Well take the spacer block and place it in to take up the space within this frame. We can then take our main plate line up the holes that are already there with the frame and slide our bolt through. We can then put the nut on the other side and tighten it down. With our main plate attached to the frame here well install the U-bolts. Now that weve worked our U-bolts over the frame of the ATV we can put the nuts on the backside.

Alright, now were ready to go ahead and install our winch. Well need our spacer plate, 2 bolts supplied with the winch, washers, and a nut. Now, our winch will go in from the left side if youre sitting in the seat. You wanna make sure that the winch spools off of the top of the drum, thats how youll know that it is in correctly. Well take our spacer block and our bolt and feed it through our top mount and then put the winch through the bolt using our 2 washers, flat washer and the lock washer.

We can then install the nut and well repeat this process for the other mounting point of our winch. With our hardware loosely fitted well go ahead and install the smaller bolt, also included with the winch, into the remaining bolt hole of our bracket thats open just to kind of hold the spacer in place and with all our fasteners loosely fitted well go ahead and tighten them down with a wrench. And with that our winch is secured and we can move on to the Roller Fairlead. Now after gathering the hardware to install the Roller Fairlead well pre-assemble it before we mount it onto the vehicle. Youll notice that 2 round spacer within the tubes that surround the bolt.

These prevent the tubes from collapsing while youre tightening it down. Well now go ahead and feed it through the 2 holes in the main plate where we can put the nylon buts on the backside and tighten them down. And with our Fairlead now installed we need to get our cable through. Well go ahead and loosen up one of the horizontal rollers where we can slide the bolt out and remove our roller. We can then bring our cable up through the Fairlead and reinstall our roller. Now, you dont want to tighten the roller too much as it does need to roll to prevent the cable from binding or damaging. Well now go ahead and install the 2 lower bolts back into the lower steel plate that we took out earlier. Well go ahead and install this bolt here on the lower cover. When installing this bolt we do need to put in this extension which will allow us to attach the upper front bumper cover. Now, you wanna leave this bolt slightly loose so that your bracket can move around a little bit. While we install the upper cover well then go back and tighten it down later and well repeat the same process on installing the other bracket on the other side. Now, well need to locate a ignition source for our winch that will only allow the winch to work when the key is in the on position. Weve gone ahead and removed the light cluster from our four wheeler, located the ignition key wiring itself, found a wire that is only hot when the key is turned on and tapped into it. Now, we went ahead and found a location for our solenoid box and secured it to the frame. We then routed our wire along the frame following the factory wiring harness where we secured it to the body of the ATV and made our connections to our winch. We also went ahead and then connected our switch here at the green and black wires. Well go ahead and tuck those into the factory wire harness to give it a nice, clean look. Now we brought our battery wires up through again following the factory harness around to the battery. We connected our circuit breaker in line with our positive lead to our battery and taped it up so it doesnt have a chance of hitting anything metal and shorting out on us. We can simply tuck that out of the way and bring it around to our positive battery terminal where we will make our connection. Well then repeat that process for our ground side of our winch. Before you reassemble your four-wheeler you may wanna go ahead and turn your four-wheeler on and test the winchs operation. Our installation is complete, now we can go ahead and reinstall our front upper bumper and that will complete the Superwinch LT2000 ATV winch part number 1120210.

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