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SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack Review - 2012 Kia Soul

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Review of the SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack on a 2012 Kia Soul

Today on our 2012 Kia Soul we'll be test fitting the Sportrack two bike carrier, part number A30901. To begin our test fit we'll slide the shank of the carrier into the opening of the hitch tube, align our threaded pin hole, thread our anti-rattle bolt through the threaded pin hole and tighten with a wrench. Now let's go over some clearance measurements to see how the bike carrier and this vehicle fit together. There is about 8 inches of ground clearance. The closest part of the vehicle to the closest part of the carrier is about 8 inches. We've added about 25 inches to the overall length of the vehicle.

To access the cargo area pull the three black safety pins located at the base of the carrier and fold the wheel cradles and the mast down. This will allow you to have access to our cargo door. To load the bike first make sure that the mast is in its upright position, the frame hooks are to the top of the mast and the cradle straps are undone. Sit the bike onto the wheel cradles, tightly adjust the frame hook against the frame and secure it with the cradle straps. That concludes today's test fit for the Sportrack two bike carrier, part number A30901, on our 2012 Kia Soul..