SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack Review - 2011 Toyota Camry

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Review of the SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack on a 2011 Toyota Camry

Today on our 2011 Toyota Camry we'll be test fitting the SportRack 2 Hitch Mounted Bike Rack, part number A30901. A quick note about this bike rack, it will fit either 1-1/4 or 2-inch hitches. Our vehicle is equipped with the 1-1/4-inch hitch and our bike rack is preassembled so we're ready to go ahead and fit it to the vehicle. We'll begin by simply inserting the bike rack shank into the hitch. We'll line up the hitch pin hole and insert our anti-rattle bolt. We'll then tighten it down with a wrench.

With our anti-rattle bolt tight we'll insert our safety pin and that will secure it to the vehicle. At this point we'll go ahead and give you a few measurements. Our ground clearance with this bike rack is 15 inches and from the closest point of the bike rack to the back of the vehicle is 6 inches. You'll notice with this bike rack we can open the trunk with our bike rack in the stored position, this will allow for greater access to the trunk area. We'll now go ahead and unfold the platform and prepare the bike rack to load a bike.

With the platform opened up and the vertical bar dropped down we'll undo the wheel loop straps. We can then set the bike into the wheel loops and bring the vertical bar back up and clamp it down to the top bar of the bike. Remember to put the vertical bar clip in before clamping it down as it will make it more stable when holding the bike. Now with the top bar clamp holding down the bicycle we simply put the wheel loop straps back through the wheels and tighten it down. And that will secure the bike to the bike rack.

One last thing about this bike rack, while the bike is loaded on the vehicle it does still leave room to open the trunk lid. We'll go ahead and demonstrate that now. With our bike secured to the vehicle we're ready to hit the road. And that will do it for part number A30901, the SportRack 2 Hitch Mounted Bike Rack on our 2011 Toyota Camry.

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