SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack Review - 2011 Ford Fusion

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Review of the SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack on a 2011 Ford Fusion

Today on our 2011 Ford Fusion, well be testing the Sport Rack 2 Wheel Mount Bike Rack, part number A30901. Quick note about this bike rack, you are able to use it on both 1 inch and 2-inch hitches. With this application, our vehicle is set up with an 1 inch hitch and our bike rack is already pre-assembled, so were ready to go ahead and fit it to the vehicle. Well begin by inserting the bike rack shank into the hitch. Well line up the hitch pinhole and insert our anti-rattle bolt. With our anti-rattle bolt in, well tighten it down using a wrench and that will secure it to the vehicle.

With our anti-rattle bolt tight, well simply slip the safety pin over the other side and were secured to the vehicle. Well now go ahead and give you a few clearance measurements. At the back of the bike rack, our ground clearance is 14 inches and from the closest point of the bike rack to the back of the vehicle is 6 inches. Well now go ahead and fold the bike rack platform down to gain cargo access. As you can see, we can gain full cargo access with this bike rack.

With the platform down and the center support arm down, were now ready to load our bike. We will first need to make sure the wheel loop straps are out of the way and we can go ahead and set the bike into the wheel loops, bring the vertical arm up and clamp the top bar using the clamp on the vertical arm. Remember when you put the vertical arm back up to put the pin in to secure it in its upright position. With the top bar clamps down, we can go ahead and run our wheel loop straps over the wheels. And in just those few easy steps, our bike is loaded and were ready to hit the road.

And that completes our test fit of the Sport Rack 2 Wheel Mount Bike Rack, part number A30901 on our 2011 Ford Fusion.

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