SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack Review - 2003 Dodge Durango

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Review of SportRack EZ Hitch Bike Rack on a 2003 Dodge Durango

Alright today on this 2003 Dodge Durango, were going to were going to test it to SportRack 2 Bike easy hitch mounted rack, part number A30901. Lets go ahead and get started on our test review. Our vehicle has a 2 inches receiver hitch so we are using the bushing for a 2 inches receiver. Go ahead and slide it into place, line up the pin hitch hole, install the anti-rattle bolt and then tighten it down. Well be using the 3/4 inches wrench to do that with, and we will install our safety pin on the backside, and right now we have our rack in its folded up position.

Go ahead and pull the pin here, lower it and reinstall the pin in the hole closest to the center, and they are keyed so they cant fall out on their own. We will go ahead and test for trunk access, and it looks like we do not have it there, but with the box unloaded we can take the mast, pull out the pin, rotate it down towards the back, and then we have access with the vehicle. Reinstall the mast, put the pin back in place, and bikes are easy to load up. These cradles move back and forth to match the bike. To install the lock you start off with the clamps on top, up as far as possible. The first time you put your bike on the rack, make sure you adjust the wheel wells to match the bike. Then tighten down the handles, take your clamp, and then just pull them down. Loosen them back up, and then clamp down on the top tube here, and youre good to go.

The top pull down is fully padded so it wont scrape away any paint on your top tube, and then there are some safety straps and a couple of measurements that will help you out. The distance between the bumper and the rack on this particular vehicle at its narrowest point will be 9 inches, and at the bottom of the rack at the end towards the ground we are looking at 20 inches. As you can see from the rack it actually comes up from the receiver opening, and rises from there, so it gives you plenty of ground clearance on the back. Okay with that it finishes our test fit of part numberA30901 from SportRack, the 2 bike easy hitch mounted rack.

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