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Lippert SolidStep Locking RV Storage Box Installation - 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Lite Trav

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How to Install the Lippert SolidStep Locking RV Storage Box on a 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere

Shane: Hey guys, Shane here with Today, I have a 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Light Travel Trailer. And I want to walk through how to install Lippert Components Storage Box. A box like this is going to be great for replacing your factory foldout steps, if you're putting in the Lippert Components Solid Steps. Box is going to take up the space where your steps were. And it's going to give you that extra storage space that you otherwise wouldn't have if you just remove your steps.

It's going to come with two keys that allows you to lock it, simple push of the button opens the lid and gives you plenty of room for storing anything in here that you may need. Maybe you have some jacks or something you want to put in here. Maybe some wood pieces. Maybe you have some extra hoses or something like that. Gives you plenty of room to get that stuff stored away so it's not sitting on the floor inside your camper.

Keep in mind with loading your stuff in here, this is going to have a hundred pound weight capacity.Another nice feature with it, it's going to have a nice rubber gasket all the way around so when it's closed, we're not going to have to worry about rain getting inside and getting our stuff on the inside wet.Some trailers may have a light that's on the frame rail for the steps because they don't actually have a porch light. What I did is I actually took that off and rerouted it and I actually put it on the front of the box so that it's still usable for the steps.Your box dimensions are going to be 27-and-a-quarter long by 1- and-5/16 wide.Overall, I really like this idea. I like this box. It's a heavy-duty metal construction. Adding this, once you have your solid steps on, I think is very beneficial.I'm going to go ahead and fold these down and show you what it looks like with the solid steps on too.

You can see there's no interference, a very nice clean look. And again, it's going to give you that extra storage space and take up that area that you otherwise would have open.As far as the installation process, it's pretty simple and straightforward. You're going to have a bracket that mounts directly to the frame rail and the box sits on that bracket and then bolts to that frame or to that bracket. So, it's a very simple installation.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's walk through how to get it installed. To start your installation, the first thing you want to do, if you haven't taken out your steps is remove your steps.

You're going to have a bracket that comes in your box. We're going to take our bracket, we're going to set it in place. Try to center it with the center of the door so that our box is centered in there. Really, you don't want to have any movement up and down, only side to side with this because our frame rail is so thin or shallow, I guess. The kit's going to come with some large self-tapping screws. Once you get it centered, we're going to take the self-tappers and we're going to drive them right through the holes. Once you get one in, you're going to repeat the process for the remaining holes.Now, if you're modifying it like this, you want to make sure you connect your wires before you put your box in place. You can kind of see how I had to run it behind the bracket, because it's going to sit flat against here. Now, we're going to lift it up. We're going to take these two and we're going to slide them in those slots. What we're going to do is we're going to look inside. You can see where our brackets are. We're going to move it over. We're going to line it up with our holes and then install our hardware. We're going to have bolts with lock washers. We're going to line it up with the holes and install it in the four holes on the inside of the box. This is going to attach our box to the bracket.Once we get it mounted, we're ready to load our stuff up, close it, latch it into place, lock it up and you're ready to go. That's going to do it for a look at and installation on the Lippert Components Storage Box on our 2016 Forest River Salem Hemisphere Light Travel Trailer.



I love the welcome light relocation! Did Shane route the light wires below the box and through the door jamb?? Is there enough room for those wires in the jamb?

Etrailer Expert

Chris R.


I talked with Shane about this install and he said that the lid hinge actually sits low enough to drill a hole just above it into the box. He opened the lid and drilled a small hole through the front edge of the box, one just inside the box on the lower edge, and one smaller hole where the light actually mounts. He extended the wires and ran them inside the box and then down through the bottom hole to the underside of the box. I hope that helps!



got it! Thank you! BTW I had one issue where the tabs did not have the clearance to fit into the slots in the mounting bracket. Could not fit a flat head screwdriver in the tab space. Lippert is shipping a new box.

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