Lippert Solera Slider Slide-Topper Installation - 2018 Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel

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How to Install the Lippert Solera Slider Slide-Topper on a 2018 Jayco Pinnacle Fifth Wheel

Today on our 2018 Jayco Pinnacle fifth wheel, we will be taking a look at and installing the Solera Sliders slide-toppers. For our Jayco Pinnacle we're gonna need three different sized toppers to complete all of our slide outs. For our bedroom compartment in the front we'll be using an 11 and a half foot topper, for our driver's side living room compartment we'll be using a 14 foot topper, and for our passenger side slide out compartment we're gonna be using a 12 and a half foot topper. The awning fabric can extend up to 50 inches following your slide out. This will cover the top of your slide out and protect it from bugs, dirt, debris, and anything else that can gum up your seals up there that may cause some leaks or any of the components that affect it moving inward and outward.It automatically extends and retracts when you push out and pull in your slider. As far as your installation, you'll need to verify if your vehicle already has a slide-topper rail above it's slide out.

If it doesn't, slide-topper rails do come with your new slide-toppers, but if it has an existing one you can just use that. Now ours is already installed, if yours isn't installed, you'll need to apply the butyl tape to the back of the rail and mount it above your slide out. Refer to your instructions for the exact measurements, making sure you get it centered. There's self-tapping screws that come in the kit, that you'll run in the open holes going down your rail. If you've already got your rail installed, then you're gonna want to apply butyl tapes to the brackets that are in and along the slide out.We're gonna put it on the back side here.

So go ahead and take some of your butyl tape, measure out a length, cut it, and then just apply it right on the backside. We're gonna use two strips to completely cover the backside. This will ensure that the self-tapping screws we run through the bracket are sealed so no moisture can enter the vehicle. We'll now take our bracket, we're going to install it on our slide-topper just on the inside of the trim panel that goes all the way around it. Make sure you remove the adhesive backing from your butyl tape and then press it into place up against the side wall.

You also want to be as close to the top of your trim, as well. We'll now use the self-tapping screws provided in the kit and a number two square bit to install those in each of the holes. There's a total of five holes that you'll need to screw down. Two on top, three on bottom. We'll repeat this same process on the other side.We'll now need to do some pre-assembly on our slide-out top, take the rails that come in the kit, find the hole, slide it through the end of your slide top, lining up those holes.

Take your end cap with the open slot. Make sure the open slot is facing towards the hole, press it in. Use the large self-tapping Phillips head screw and run that down in there. We'll do that on both sides. Now due to our Jayco's pre-installed slide rails having end caps, typically you would slide this down past the end and then bring it back to slide this bar in. We're gonna remove ours, though, because it's difficult to slide it past. The reason why we did this beforehand is so that it pre-threads the holes and both are bar and our slide top, and that makes it much easier to install when you're sliding it down, up on a ladder in the air.So we're gonna take some tin snips and we're just gonna cut a notch out of the side, and that'll allow us to slide in our slide-topper. We're gonna do this on the backside of the rail only. We've now got a couple extra set of hands to help us slide our slide-topper in. You'll take the edge of your vinyl top, you're gonna slide that down the rail. So work in the opening of the rail. We'll now take our rail, making sure we line up our holes correctly, slide it through the slide-topper, and we're gonna line it up with the opening here in the bracket that we installed, and slide it through. Now if you're having difficulties getting it through, what you can do is you can remove the pin here, use a pair of needle nose pliers to pry it out, and pull the pin. Now when you do this you want to make sure that you're holding both the end and the roll so that that doesn't unwind. This pin prevents it from unwinding, but it will give you more room to work with to get your rail installed.You'll want to line it up flush with the end, then you can reinstall your end cap and reinstall your screw. We're going to do the same thing on the other side. Then make sure that you screw in your end caps completely using that Phillip's head. You may not be able to use your power drill if you we're using that before, you might have to switch over to a ratcheting style in order to have it fit. You'll now need to center your vinyl top across your slide out. It's not a bad idea to have an extra set of hands looking down from down below to help guide you to make sure it's even on both sides. You can push it or use a rubber mallet. Just kind of gently tap it into position. Once you're centered, take the small self-tapping screws provided in the kit. These are the silver ones. We're gonna use a 15/16th socket, and you'll see two openings in our bracket, we're gonna run those into our rod. Then we're gonna do the same process on the other side.We're now on the outside and we've extended our sliders. We have one last step, we'll need to run a screw into the cord. We'll take a self-tapping screw that comes in our kit, and we're gonna be running it up into the rail, and into the shock cord that runs across to hold our vinyl in place. Now if you're using the rails that come on your Jayco, if you had the same style as this that was pre-installed, we're gonna go in the bottom. You don't want to go more than an inch in. If you use the rails that came with your slide-toppers, you would go in from the top, and use the same. You don't want to go more than an inch in. We're using the small black screws that came with it and a quarter inch socket to do this. We'll do the same thing on the other side. And now with this one done, we'll use the same procedures to install the toppers on the rest of our slide outs. And that completes our installation of the Solera Sliders slide-toppers on our 2018 Jayco Pinnacle fifth wheel.

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