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SnapPad Jack Pads Installation - 2017 CrossRoads Cameo Fifth Wheel

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How to Install the SnapPad Jack Pads on a 2017 CrossRoads Cameo Fifth Wheel

Hey, everyone, Shane with Today we have a 2017 Crossroads Cameo fifth wheel, and I'm gonna walk you how to install the camper jack snap pads. Adding snap pads like this onto your camper, one, is gonna make it a lot easier when you get to your campsite. We're not gonna have to worry about dragging out blocks of wood to put underneath of our metal plate feet. These are gonna be constructed out of a very durable rubber, they're actually made out of recycled tires. They're gonna come in a variety of different sizes, from seven inch all the way up to 12 inch, and they're gonna come in a variety of different types.

So here we have a round which we have on our camper now. We have some for square jacks and we have some for round concave. Difference between a round and a round concave is you'll notice, that the round concave is a little bit deeper. On a round concave, the side edges kind of roll up. That's why it's deeper, so that the rolled edge on the foot has a place to grab once it gets down into the pad itself.

As I mentioned, these are gonna be very durable. So they're gonna grip on any surface you put them on. We're on rocky surface, maybe we're at a campsite that has a gravel lot. We're not gonna have to worry about our camper potentially moving at all while we're in it, moving in and out of it, whatever, where if we just had the metal plates on the ground we could potentially have that movement. Also, if we go to a campsite that has concrete or asphalt pads, most of them are gonna require you to have some kind of pad underneath that metal foot, so it doesn't damage the concrete.

With these, we don't have to worry about that. The pads, once they go on, they don't have to be taken off. And they're there all the time. You'll notice the notches in the pads and also the round hole at the bottom. This is allow water to drain, so that our metal feet don't corrode.

Now to measure, to determine what size foot pad you need, you're simply gonna measure directly across the center and that'll tell you what size pad you're gonna need. Now obviously I can't see it from underneath. We can get a good idea from here that it's gonna take a nine-inch pad. Now, one thing to keep in mind, this particular camper, all six jacks are the same size feet, but not all campers are gonna be like that. Your back four may be bigger than your front two, the front two may be square and your back four might be round. You just wanna make sure when you check on our website you pick up the correct ones for the jacks that you have. To start your installation, you wanna have two people, if possible. We're gonna take some soapy water, we're gonna take our pad, and we're gonna spray the edge of it. Slide it under a jack, get it lined up. Then we'll slowly lower our jack down until our pad snaps into place. Once you have your pad snapped in place, you're gonna repeat the process for any remaining jack you're installing the snap pads. That's gonna do it for a look at and installation on RV jack snap pads on a 2017 Crossroads Cameo fifth wheel..

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