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Seaflo Boats and RVs Battery Disconnect Switch Installation - 2007 Starcraft Homestead Lite Fifth Wh

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How to Install the Seaflo Boats and RVs Battery Disconnect Switch on a 2007 Starcraft Homestead Lit

Hey guys, Kevin here with etrailer. And today I'm gonna be showing you how to install the Seaflo battery disconnect switch here on our 2007 Starcraft Homestead. So the Seaflo battery switch disconnect is going to make it a whole lot easier for you to disconnect your battery. Anytime that you're needing to put your trailer in storage and you don't feel like pulling out your socket and your socket wrench and taking off the battery cables. And then also when you're needing to do any maintenance and that you'll have to turn off any of your electric. You can easily just come over here and flip the switch and then get working on whatever you need to fix.

So things that you can expect from this install, it's pretty straightforward. You really don't have anything hard to do. It's just hooking up a couple of wires running your bolts through, obviously that can change depending on what you're mounting your plug to. So like with us, we had an open wall where I could easily just run a bolt through with a nut. If you're putting this on like the side of your trailer something like that, and you have to use some self-tapping screw or anything like that, that can kind of add some more variables in there but for us fairly simple, very easy just slap it right up on there and got it in place.

So to begin our installation, I'm gonna take off my base. It's got these little push tabs that you can kind of push in to help release it off, and then just pull with the open area down. Here you can see your input post and your output post as well on the front, we have our On and Off fairly simple it's just a little quarter turn, but I'll set that aside. We're gonna go ahead and mount our base. So to start off, we're gonna take our base base off there's three tabs that you can kind of push in and then an open one that you can get your hand in to kinda help pull off the base.

It is on here very tight. And then inside of your base you're gonna see four screw holes that we're gonna use to mount this base to the inside of our trailer here. So typically on your fifth wheel campers if there's the open cargo compartment up front that's typically where you're gonna find your battery at. As you can see, we have our battery right here running up to a junction box here for whatever else they have wired up into the trailer. So I'm gonna put my disconnect switch right up here.

So it's right close to the battery, real easy to get to. All right, so I wanna keep my disconnect switch close to my battery so that I can just reuse this wire and then run a new one down to our breaker or whatever is right there. To start, I drill a little pilot hole right here just so I can kind of see where I'm coming out on the other side because there is a propane tank on the other side of this wall right here. So I just need to make sure that I'm giving enough space for that that my bolts aren't gonna come into contact with that. So what you can do now is go ahead and I'm gonna actually use that pilot hole. I'm gonna make some marks with my other holes and then start drilling those out. All right, so to make this a little bit easier. I already stuck one of my screws in and I'm gonna put it in that pilot hole and I'm gonna use my nut to tighten it down and I give it exactly where I want it. And then I'm gonna use my drill bit in each one of these holes. It's making it just a little bit easier. I don't wanna make sure that I'm not having to drill multiple holes or widen any holes. I wanna have it just right on. All right, I didn't really get enough hole. I'm gonna put that out of the way. I'm wanna sit here and chip away at my base with our drill bit. All right, so as you can see, I've already got a lock washer and a nut on here. I'm gonna go ahead and do the rest like I said, just a little lock washer and a nut just to secure our base and then we can get onto wiring in our disconnect switch. All right, so now I'm gonna disconnect my battery before I go any further. All right, now that I got my wires disconnected from my battery, I'm gonna go ahead and disconnect right off of there. I'm gonna run my wire for my battery up into the box over here. All right, so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna save this wire 'cause this is running up to our landing gear. And I'm just gonna snip this and then cut this off with some electrical tape so that this wire's still good and it's going up to our breaker. 'Cause I'm gonna need a different ring terminal here to run down from that. All right, now I got my power wire that I had running off of my battery. I'm gonna put a new ring terminal on there and then I'm gonna crimp it down. I'm using a hydraulic crimping tool. Obviously, if you use something other than the ring the big copper ring terminal that I'm using you can probably do it just a little hand one. Now I go ahead and I'll seal that connection with some more electrical tape. All right, so like I said before, we have an input and an output, I'm gonna go ahead and just touch my input here. I'm gonna try and match this up so that it looks the correct way when I'm holding it once in the box. So I'm gonna have my Off be up my On be to the right once I have it clicked in and just so it's a little bit easier with our little divider here because we wanna make sure that this can go down out of that access hole. I'll tighten that down. All right, now we can go ahead and make up our wire for our output. All right, so I'm gonna take my output wire that I made up and put it onto my disconnect inside the tank. Now that I have it tightened down we're gonna go ahead and pop this in place and then make our connections to the battery again. All right, so now we can pop our disconnect switch in place. There we go. We can take our output which is gonna be going right over here, place our nut back on. And I put like that wire that we had connected to our power before that was running up to our landing gears. I got that back on. Go ahead and tighten that down. And then we can reconnect our wires to our battery, hand screw started the nut. And now we can tighten them down. All right, now we can go ahead and test out our Seaflo battery disconnect switch. All right, so with our switch in the On position I'm gonna press our landing gear button which is just right outside on the body here. As you can hear it is working. Wanna flip my switch into the Off position and we're getting no power. So everything running from our battery is going straight to our Seaflo switch before it's hitting anything else. So nothing else is being powered. Well, I think that about does it for our installation of the Seaflo battery disconnect switch here on our 2007 StarCraft Homestead. My name's Kevin, thanks for watching..

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