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Scrubblade Platinum Windshield Wiper Blade Installation - 2013 Volkswagen Beetle

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How to Install the Scrubblade Platinum Windshield Wiper Blade on a 2013 Volkswagen Beetle

Hey everybody, welcome to, I'm Bobby, and today we're gonna be taking a look at the Scrubblade Platinum Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blades here on our 2013 Volkswagen Beetle. So, gonna be a pretty nice way of just giving yourself some new wiper blades. Now, if you're comparing this to some of the other wiper blades on the market, the Scrubblade is excellent if you find yourself doing a lot of highway driving, maybe doing a little off-roading although the Beetle here might be a little hard to do so. I think a lot of people with the Beetle are gonna be looking at this just because if you do have a lot of highway driving those bug guts, that debris can start building up. And what ends up happening here is we actually have two blades with the Scrubblade. So that first one hopefully is gonna be knocking down all that bug guts and debris, doing most of the heavy work leaving our second blade to come behind, stay nice and pretty and get all that water off of there.

So kind of a dual action which is pretty cool that nano graphite in there doing a good job of letting it glide across our window. And the one thing about it too, it is that hybrid style, and what that means is we have these little points of frame contact that are gonna be pushing this and you kinda see it has that curve to it as well as having our outer housing here protecting us from a lot of the elements which is pretty cool. Now for the beetle though there is gonna be just a little bit of work of actually getting this adapted to fit on our beetle, but it's really easy to do. Why don't we go ahead and take a look of how to get this installed. So here today we do have some clear pluses already in place.

I really like these guys, which is pretty cool about 'em. They're just a pretty standard windshield wiper blade. They hold up pretty well, which is cool. And if you don't find yourself doing a lot of highway driving, these are what I would probably recommend. They just do a good job of getting that rain off of there.

But again, Scrubblades are pretty nice. To get 'em installed all we need to do, pinch these little guys down here and start pulling on this top adapter. And it can take just a little bit of work. Patience is a virtue. And pushing on those tabs too with your thumbs can be helpful.

And once you get that out, we're gonna have this little base adapter. And now we do need to put that in as well. So we just slot that in, till it clicks. There we go. And now we need to add on our other adapter. So, keeping in mind how I want this guy be set. We also only a 19 millimeter brackets here today. So we need to pop these flanges off to do that, just break 'em out the other way. They come right off, really easy to do. And then set this post inside that little hole. Just like that it clicked in. Now we need to remove our older blade here, pressing in on that button for these guys. I just kinda have to get 'em at an angle to walk 'em out just like so. Now I can take my new guy, slide out our old shuttle here. If it'll work with me. And it could be helpful to have something like a flathead screwdriver just to give you a little wedge or a lever action. And then we're just gonna slot this guy on. Inside a garage somewhere can be nice too, where your hands aren't so cold. And then we just slide it in place. So getting that square to line up is gonna be key, and just like that, we're nice and installed. So, you might have noticed too this towel on the underside here. I would recommend that, now it's not gonna be that necessary for us, 'cause we're not able to really move this arm too much. But if this we're to snap into your windshield it could cause some damage. So, just a little buffer on the other side's gonna go a long way of making sure we don't do any damage, but just like that we're installed, really not much to it which I really like to see. Well, and just like that we're installed no longer do I have a blade that's not doing a good job of actually getting my, you know my rain and all that taken care of. Why don't we hop in the car and see how good of a job it does of wiping off our windshield. So here we are on the inside of the vehicle just to be simulating a little bit of rain with our wiper blade fluid. So we can see it's doing a good job of getting all the way across. Not seeing any really big gaps. I think it's doing a decent job here. Now we do have a little bit of buildup but it's not quite wet or anything. You know it's not new. So that stuff is probably gonna have to be taken off by hand, but I can still see it do it a little bit of work there with some of those smaller smudges. Well I was glad to see these blades doing such a good job of actually getting that rain off of our windshield. Again, as you can see, those frames doing an awesome job making sure we're getting constant coverage across the entirety of the windshield, no gaps, no skips. You do love to see that. Again, that housing is great for when you find yourself just dealing with a little bit of weather, a little bit snow, leaves and all that don't get caught in your wiper blades, which is great. And overall the Scrubblades are an excellent option to make sure you're not having as much bug guts collecting on your windshield. Again though, I think they we're a little unnecessary for a lot of people out there just because that second blade's nice but, you know you're not really doing that much highway driving it might not be for you. Now we do have a lot of wiper blades here at The Michelin and the ClearPlus are great options for yourself. Highly recommend giving a couple looks at those guys but I'll leave that to you guys at home. Otherwise I think that about does it for our look here today at the Scrubblade Platinum Windshield Wiper Blades here on our 2013 Volkswagen Beetle. Once again, I'm Bobby. Thanks for watching..

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