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Saris Trunk Bike Racks Review - 2017 Dodge Journey

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Review of the Saris Trunk Bike Racks on a 2017 Dodge Journey

Shane: Hey everyone. Shane here with So they have a 2017 Dodge Journey. We're going to be taking a look at the Saris Bones EX-3 trunk mount bike rack. This is going to be designed for vehicles with spoilers and it's going to fit most factory spoilers. It's going to attach to the vehicle in six different locations.

You're going to have two at the top, one on each side of your hatch door and two at the bottom of the door. It's going to hold up the three bikes at 35 pounds each. There is a two bike version which can be found here Etrailer and it's going to have the same weight capacity per bike. Keep in mind where the trunk mounted bike rack, we're not going to be able to use our rear hatch door and we're not going to be able to use our rear windshield wiper.So you might be asking yourself, why would I want that there's two other options or two other ways that you can mount a bike rack. One is going to be on a hitch, if you don't ever plan on hauling a trailer anywhere, you're going to end up having to buy a hitch, then buy a bike rack to fit that hitch.The other option is roof on it.

You have to buy crossbars, then a bike rack put on and then you'd have to load your bikes up on top of the car each time you want to take your bike somewhere. With this rack only weighing 11 pounds, it's very easy to install and take off if you need to gain access to the back of your vehicle. Now let's take a closer look at how the bike actually secures to the bike rack. We're going to have two straps at the top, and we're going to have one anti-sway strap. What the anti-sway strap is going to do, it's really going to reduce how much movement we get out of our bike.

To remove our bike we're simply going to push tab, we'll slide our strip outAnd then we can look our bike off.One thing I'll suggest if you don't have your bikes on, go ahead and re-secure your straps back into the keepers. Go ahead and take a closer look at the inside here. You can see these knobs. They're going to be a rubber construction what they're designed to do is the cable that runs on the bottom side of your frame, it keeps the bike from smashing the cable. So to rest freely inside that channel.

Now I'm going to give you a few measurements so you know how much space you're adding onto the back of the vehicle when your bikes are loaded. From the outermost part of our facia, which is our bumper here, to the outermost part of our bike rack, we're going to be at about 20 inches. So that's a number to keep in mind if we're parked anywhere in a tight space. Once we have our bikes removed, we can fold our arms down. We're going to come right here to this knob where I have one on each arm. We're going to loosen it.We're going to slide it in, rotate it down and you slide it back over and tighten it back down. I'll go ahead and get another measurement from the edge of our bumper, to the outermost part of our rack, which is going to be our straps. We're looking at about nine inches.So again, keep that number in mind if we're going to be parking in any tight spaces. We're also going to have two knobs on each side for upper and lower arms that are actually holding the rack to the vehicle or mounting to the vehicle itself. And they're going to work the same way you lose them, slide them in, and you can turn them to adjust the bike rack, to bring the center to out or closer in depending on how it's going to fit on your vehicle. As I mentioned, our bike rack is going to be secured to our vehicle in six locations.Go ahead and take a closer look at how they actually attach. We're going to have a hook plate that goes inside the edge in between our door and our roof. You'll notice that each one of the plates is going to be marked upper, as for the top side. Side is going to be for the two sides and then lower is going to be for the bottom of the door. Ideally these side straps, you want them to come out as straight as possible. However, with our light here, you want to make sure you're not mounting it to the light itself. Each one of our straps is going to have a hook and loop fastener. So then when we're done tightening it down, we can fold our excess strap up and keep it secured. Our fore feet that are actually touching the vehicle are going to be a nice thick rubber pads.So we don't have to worry about damaging our paint damaging or scratching our glass up. The rack itself is going to be a nice durable plastic construction so we're not going to have to worry about rust or corrosion. The center bar here in the middle is going to be an aluminum construction. So again, we're not going to have to worry about rust or corrosion there.Overall thoughts on this rack, I liked the design of it, the construction of it, we don't have to worry about rust or corrosion like we do some of the other racks out there that maybe metal. Being only 11 pounds it's going to be light enough, easy enough to put on and take off. The arms being able to fold in together, keeps it compact. When we want to take it off, we want to put it in our garage. We hang it up on a hook on the wall. Other than that, that's going to do it for looking at the Saris Bones EX 3 bike rack on a 2017 Dodge journey..

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