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Rola Cargo Carrier LED Light Kit Installation

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How to Install a Rola Cargo Carrier LED Light Kit

Today on our Rola Dart Cargo Carrier, we'll be installing the Rola LED Light Kit for rail cargo carriers, part number 59516. This LED light kit lets you add stop, turn and tail light functions to your hitch cargo carrier. It includes a pair of 10 diode red LED lights and two mounting grommets as well as a wiring harness with a standard four-way flat trailer end connector. Now to begin our installation, we're going to go ahead and remove our rear plastic cover off our cargo carrier. We'll undo the four screws and then simply pull it away. We'll now plug in our 4-pole to the vehicle.

We can then route our cable around and up the center post of the cargo carrier. We'll attach the Y connector of the cable to the main cable and continue routing it up and into the wire mesh on the top side of the carrier. We'll then go ahead and reinstall our cover. With the cover reinstalled, we'll go ahead and pull the handle, allowing the cargo carrier platform to come down. You'll now see where we passed the harness through the wire mesh on both sides of the center post on the cargo carrier.

You'll notice that the one side does have a yellow tag indicating that it is the left side. You'll want to make sure you get this correct because it will affect the turn signal function on the carrier. We'll now go ahead and attach the two short leads and route them to the correct opening on the carrier. We'll then slide the rubber grommets around the wiring and attach our tail light kit. With our lights plugged in, we'll then push the light into the rubber grommets, securing it to the cargo carrier.

We'll now take our plastic zip ties included with the kit and use them to secure the wiring harness to the cargo carrier itself. And that's it, the lights are on and our cargo carrier is a little safer. And that completes the installation of the Rola LED Light Kit for railed cargo carriers, part number 59516, on our 23x56 Rola Dart Cargo Carrier.