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Roadmaster Straight Safety Cables Installation

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How to Install the Roadmaster Straight SAFEty Cables

Today we're going to be installing the Roadmaster 64" Single Hook Straight Safety Cables, part number RM-645. In conjunction with the safety cables, this vehicle also has the Roadmaster Easy Floor Baseplate Kit installed, part number 523173-4, as well as the Roadmaster Falcon Tow Bar, part number RM-522. We've already got everything else hooked up on our tow bar set up. All that's left to do is tie in our safety cables. We'll go ahead and take the end that has just the loop on it and we'll feed it through the slot here on the side of our falcon tow bar. Go ahead and take the end of our safety cable and we'll feed it through. We'll pull it out down on this end.

We'll go ahead and take one of the quick links that comes with the safety cables. Go ahead and feed it through the opening right here on the tow bar. We'll then attach the short safety cable that comes off the baseplate to the tow bar. Then we'll add in our new 64" safety cable. We'll then close the D-ring or the quick link up.

We'll then take our adjustable wrench here and we'll tighten it down. Then go ahead and repeat the same process over on the other side. Now all that's left to do is hook our ends with the hooks on them to the safety cable ring here on our hitch. You want to make sure that when you do that that you cross the safety cables, so you'll take the one from the passenger side and hook it over here on the driver side, like that. Then we'll repeat the same process for the other one. That will do it for our installation of the Roadmaster 64" Single Hook Safety Cables, part number RM-645.


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