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Roadmaster Fuse Bypass Switch for Towed Vehicles Installation - 2017 Chevrolet Traverse

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How to Install the Roadmaster Fuse Bypass Switch for Towed Vehicles on a 2017 Chevrolet Traverse

Male Speaker - Hey everyone. Shane here with Today I have a 2017 Chevrolet traverse and I'm going to walk through how to install Road master Fuse Master fuse bypass. Now this fuse bypass is going to be installed in the battery compartment. The battery compartment is located behind the passenger seat in the rear floorboard. And it's going to require you to pull two fuses.

Well, instead of having to pull two fuses each time you want to tell your vehicle this battery disconnect allows you to just push a button and it disconnects the fuses automatically. Now with this vehicle it is going to require a second battery disconnect. Doesn't necessarily mean you have to put it on but if you don't put it on it is going to require you to pull the fuse and that fuse is located right up here. This is what our fuse, master fuse bypass is gonna look like. The one that's installed for the battery fuses.

It's going to run here, up to this panel when your switch to any monitor right here. There's two fuses that are attached to your positive battery cable. The fuse bypass connects into both of those fuse holders. And then the two fuses that you pulled out get installed into the fuse holders on the bypass itself. It makes it very simple.

So you don't have to take this compartment or open up this compartment to get to your battery to pull those two fuses each time. It's a simple flip of the switch. The second fuse bypass, as I mentioned earlier that is going to be mounted in the engine compartment can be found here at etrailer. That's also going to give you a button that you can Mount inside the vehicle to make it much easier when you're setting your vehicle up or getting it ready to flat tow. The fuse bypass for your battery is going to come basically as you see it it's going to come with the fuse holders.

It's going to come with the pins already attached. So all you have to do is connect them into the fuse holders and it's going to come with the switch. Only thing you have to do is run your wires up to the panel, drill the hole, mount the switch and then install the pins into your fuse holders. And then of course install your fuses that you pulled out of these two. Once you've got that, you're pretty much set up. Now we've gone over some of the features. Let's walk through how to get it installed. Start your installation. We're going to remove this lower panel. And this is behind the center counsel. Should be able to just pull it straight back. That comes loose and go ahead and take it off. Cause we're going to end up anyway. It's kind of difficult if you take a trim panel tool stick it right in that edge. Should be able to pop that off. Once you get that off, you can either do it right here or you can disconnect this plug here. And then of course your lighter and then we're gonna have to drill a small hole in this panel. We're going to take our switch. We're going to disconnect the wires out, take note there where the wires are going into the back of the switch are two red ones. You notice there's some writing on this side. Two black ones are on the side that there is no writing. Go ahead and pull these off. I'm going to go ahead and mark this one because this one was on top. I'm just going to put a little black mark on it. Then we need a three quarter inch bit . What I'm going to use, I'm going to use a step bit. I'm going to make this hole big enough that we can Mount that switch in there. So the switch, remember plastic routine in that. Tighten it in place like that. And we can start running the switch to the battery. Get access to your battery on the passenger side in the rear, underneath your floor mat you're going to have a panel, you're going to remove this bolt for the torch size bit. Remove this panel and here's your battery. You're going to have two fuses that are attached to the positive cable on the battery. These are the two fuse holders that we're going to be connecting to. Before we connect to them, what we need to do is we need to get our wires ran up underneath the carpet and tune the back of the switch on that panel. So we're going to take these. We're going to go under the carpet here, bring them that side and bring them straight up and then we can connect them right back to the switch. Once you get that thing back in the place. Now another battery, two fuses connected to the positive side of your battery. If you have more than one fuse you're going to have to contact the manufacturer to find out which two fuses to pull. We only have two. So we're going to be removing both of them. One thing to note is both of these fuses are the same. If you have two different fuses note which fuse holder which fuses in. We're going to take two of these, we're going to go in one. Take the other two, push them into the other one. I'm going to re-install the fuses into the fuse holders. Once you get in your fuse installed what we're going to do is going to turn the key on to the on position. We're going to flip the switch to make sure that it shuts their power up. Once you get it installed, put your stickers on . Drive is going to be up at the white dot. Tow is going to be pushing a button down. Once you've got it in . Reinstall your cover. Once you've got it installed, you're ready to go. What you're going to do is look at installation on a Road master fuse bypass on a 2017 Chevrolet traverse..

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