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Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass Switch Installation - 2016 Honda Fit

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How to Install the Roadmaster FuseMaster Fuse Bypass Switch on a 2016 Honda Fit

Today on our 2016 Honda Fit, we're going to be showing you how to install the Road Master Fuse Master dual fuse bypass switch for towed vehicles, rated for use with up to two 20 amp ATM mini fuses. The part number is RM76512. All right now, here's what our Fuse Master is going to look like. It's a really straightforward kit. This is going to solve the problem that we often have when we want to haul our vehicle behind our motor home and we have to pull out several fuses. This is a dual bypass, so this is going to take care of two fuses for us. The fuses can be rated all the way up to 20 amps, so it should take care of most applications.

Then all we have to do once it's installed is flip a switch, our car's in tow mode. That's going to take care of completely the steps of pulling out those two fuses. When we want to come out of tow mode we're just going to flip the switch the other way. That's going to reactivate our fuses. We'll have the current flowing through so we'll be ready to drive down the road.

The installation is pretty straightforward. Let's go take care of that now. Overall we're going to have 13 inches from our connections here to the back of our switch. We just want to ensure that that's going to be enough length for us to get it connected. On our Fit it's not going to be a problem at all. This is going to work out great.

In order to determine which of the fuses that we need to replace, we need to look at our fuse diagram. Now, the only place I'm able to find this is on the bottom of the steering column here. You'll want to look here. We're looking for number 36, which is the front accessory socket and 37 which is going to be the accessory fuse. Now, from there if we come straight down our dashboard right behind this plastic lip and just to the driver's side we'll find our fuse panel located right here. Now, if we look at our fuse panel here we want to come all the way to the right and all the way to the top, just like our diagram suggests.

You'll see a 20 amp fuse there at the top and 7.5 amp right below it. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers, just gently grab those and get them pulled out. All right, now it's time to grab our fuse bypass. Now, the black wires or the wires that have the black ends on them we want those to both go in the same fuse. Let's start with the 20 amp there. That one's on top, should be the more difficult to get to. We use our needle-nose and we just want to slide these in just like we removed the other ones. Now the two red ones, we'll slide that in there where the 20 amp fuse was. What we want to do is just separate the connectors here on the back so we can get our switch off of there. Of course, you want to note that there are no fuses in the holder while we do this. Now, for mounting our switch we need to drill a three-quarter inch hole. We're using a hole saw here today. You could also use a auger bit if you didn't have a hole saw available. Make sure you don't have any electrical connections back behind there, and we'll get it drilled out. Just clean up that edge a little bit. On the back side of the stitch there you're going to see a little saw tooth nut. I'm going to pull that off, slide it around our wiring. Now, on the back side of the switch you can see the divider. That helps us to determine which side is which. We want the two reds to be on one side and the two blacks to be on the other. Now we can push that switch right back through our hole there. We just want to run that saw tooth nut down on the backside. The switch fits in that three-quarter inch hole pretty securely, so you don't have to worry about tightening that nut down too much, but you do want to get it down pretty snug. Now, in the situation that we've got here, these are the micro style fuses. You see basically they don't have any legs that stick down and off. With that being the case we're going to have to replace these with mini fuses of the same amperage. Remember the red wire holder is the higher one closest to the switch, and the black will be the one closest to the fuse panel. We can just pop the covers right back down and on. Once we've got our fuses in place we'll just zip-tie this up and out of the way and if we ever need to replace a fuse or anything like that we'll know right where it's at. We'll see when in the drive position, or when our switch is in the drive position, best way to tell if we've got it done properly is to just watch the radio. You'll see that screen's on. As soon as we switch it over to the other side that's going to switch off. That's going to indicate that that is the side of our switch that we want to use for tow mode. We'll take the small provided tow sticker and place it right above the switch, so now that's our tow position. Just under the switch we can place on our drive sticker. Now that our switch is working properly that's going to complete our installation of the Road Master Fuse Master dual fuse bypass switch for towed vehicles. Part number RM76512 on our 2016 Honda Fit.

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