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RoadMaster Falcon Tow Bar Installation - 2013 Honda CR-V

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How to Install the Roadmaster Falcon Tow Bar on a 2013 Honda CR-V

All right today on this 2013 Honda CR-V, we're going to install part number RM-522. This is the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar. First step is to go ahead and install our quick disconnects onto the car side. These parts will bolt onto the base plate that's already been installed. Now these are labeled, driver's side of the car, and then our accompanying hardware. We've got this plate, which will go over the top with a bolt, one on each side.

This will go on to your base plate, which will get a flat washer, a lock washer, and a nut. Same on both sides. Then, we'll do the same thing on the passenger side. Now we'll just leave these finger tight for now. Just enough where everything holds its shape. Now again, leaving it finger tight, we'll go ahead and put our crossbar into place.

Just go ahead and line up with the pins on top and on the bottom. We'll move it around as needed till it fits together. Try to get it even as you can on both sides. Then we'll go ahead and hand tighten our hardware back here. Let's go ahead and do a quick test run with our crossbar, make sure we can remove it.

Let's go ahead and tighten down our remaining 2 bolts. Let's do one more check. Then we'll go ahead and torque these bolts down as specified in the instructions. Now these parts will stay attached to our base plate. In this application, we take our base plate, it comes with it. Now we'll go ahead and put our crossbar into place.

Then we'll put our locking pins on top. We'll go ahead and put our locking pins into place, matching the picture. If it snaps tight, that's what you want. Let's go ahead work with our tow bar now. We'll go ahead and slide it into the hitch. Line up the hitch pin holes and install the hitch pin that comes with it. Now to release it, we'll go ahead and push it back a little bit, and pull back on this latch and that releases it. When we need to store it, just like that. Also, we can tilt it from one side or the other for storage when you leave it on the RV. Let's go ahead and extend our tow bar to our car. We'll go ahead and rotate it back up, unlatch it, pull it down. We'll go ahead and tilt it to one side and pull out the arms, and this will go into our crossbar. Now we'll go ahead and put our pin into place for this junction or joint. We line up the hole in the pin with this hole in the plate right here. We'll take our safety pin, just like the ones on top. Make sure it snaps into place. We'll do this on both sides. OK now this is all the parts that come with the Falcon All-Terrain tow bar. Now we still need to add some safety cables. We're going to use part number RM-645, the Single Hook Safety Cables, also from Roadmaster. Here's one of our safety cables, there's 2 that come with the kit. You can see it's just one hook. This end will thread through the space provided for on our tow bar. We'll use one of these quick links that comes with the kit, and we'll attach this to our base plate. When you're done towing for the day, you can store the tow bar with these cables on the inside as well. One side is done, let's do the other side. Now when we connect our safety cables to our hitch, we want to cross them just like this. Just go ahead and hook them up. All right, now see how the clamp can't work on the hitch here We're going to have to use an extra part. To do that, we're going to use some extra quick links from Roadmaster, part number RM-910022. Now these are rated at 6,000 pounds, just like the cables are. All that's left over is to hook up our break-away cable, and also our electrical cable, which will vary from installation to installation. To release it we just pull up on this lever then we can easily release the arm. Let's go ahead and make the rest of our hook-ups, and take it for a test drive. With that, that'll finish it for the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain Tow Bar, part number RM-522 from Roadmaster on our 2013 Honda CR-V. .

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