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Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit Installation - 2018 Ford F-150

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How to Install the Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit on a 2018 Ford F-150

Today in our 2018 Ford F150, you're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to show you how to install, the Roadmaster EZ5 base plate kit with removable arms, part number RM-524431-5. here's what our base plate looks like when it's installed. This is going to give us a solid mounting location on the front of our F150 so it can be safely flat towed behind our RV. This is going to be a custom fit design. It's going to mount directly to your frame rails. It's going to replace your factory tow hooks.

There's not going to be any welding required to get them installed. The reason you want to base plate, it's going to spread the towing force evenly to minimize the weight put on the suspension while your vehicle is being flat towed.The EZ5 base plate is only compatible with Roadmaster tow bars that slide into the hitch. It is not compatible with tow bars that are ball mounted. One thing that's nice about the EZ5 base plate, it's going to have a removable arms. When you're not flat towing your vehicle, you can remove the arms, store them away until you want to use the next time.

You can see here our base plate does not stick out from our bumper too far. It's not an eyesore. It's got a nice clean look. When you're ready to use your base plate, take your removable arm. It's going to have a spring loaded pin.

You're going to slide it in, depressed the pin, spin it around till it locks into place. When you're ready to take it off, you just simply pull the ring, twist your arm, or twist the removable arm and slide it out.Here on the outside, you're going to have your safety chain loops. This is going to be for attaching your tow bar safety chain cables. To keep in mind that you want to make sure when installing your removable arms are installed on the right side. If you notice this tab here, you want it to be on the top side and on the inside.

If you have it wrong, it'll be on the bottom. Again to install it the correct way on the side of the vehicle where this tab is on the top and on the inside. Our baseplate is going to have a nice black powder coat finish. It's going to resist any rust or corrosion. As far as the installation, it's pretty simple, straight forward installation. However, you will have to remove the bumper.This is going to be one of five main components in a flat tow setup. The other four are going to be your safety cables, your tow bar, your braking system, and your wiring. Now that we've gone over some of the features, let me show you how to get it installed.First thing we need to do to start our installation, you're going to have a cap like this on both side of your bumper. We need to remove it. Take a trim panel tool, plastic trim panel tool. You can use a screwdriver if you want, I would be careful doing that. You don't want to scratch, you don't want to scratch any part of your bumper. These can be a little bit trying to get off. Once you get it started, you can pop them off like this. You want to make sure we take these clips out and how we do that, it's pretty simple. You grab this bottom little tab there and some needle nose pliers like that. They pop right out. And we'll just take these and stick these right back onto the cover. You're going to repeat that same thing on the other side of the vehicle.Next we're gonna take a 1316 socket. You're going to have two bolts, I'm sorry, two nuts on each side of the vehicle on the inside of the bumper. Keeping in mind some models, if you have an ACC unit, that you had to remove, make sure you follow the instructions on taking that off.Once you had the two on one side done, go ahead and repeat the process on the other side. Our third bolt or third nut is going to be on the inside underneath. And this is going to be our third nut.I'll go ahead and remove that nut. You're going to have the same thing on the other side of the vehicle and if you have fog lights, you want to make sure you unplug those. This wire right here runs up to the bottom or the backside of our light. There's a tab on it right here and you're just going to, when you reach up right above this bracket here, you can just pull out on it and it will come loose. You need to make sure you do that on both sides. Now it's a good idea to get an extra set of hands help remove your bumper. All we're going to do is we're going to slide it straight out. Now you can see my wiring to my light has a clip hooking to the bumper. Make sure you don't just pull your bumper off, just in case you have some of those wires connected. Just pull it off and then just set your bumper aside. Next we're gonna remove this cover. It will not be reinstalled and make sure you knew that on both sides of the vehicle and we're going to take a 15 millimeter socket. The two bolts that are sticking up here. We need to remove our tow hook.Now, we're going to remove our tow hook and we're going to remove this plate on the inside. Now we'll take our half inch by three and a half inch bolt. Go ahead and put your lock washer on it and you want to make sure that all the hardware that you install, you're adding some red Loktite. You want to grab one of your handle nuts and then your main receiver brace. Your safety cable hookup, this bracket is going to be on the outside of the vehicle. That's how you're going to know which side's the correct side. So we're going to slide it up behind like this. We're gonna take our bolt and it's going to go through this forward most hole in our bracket or our receiver brace here. And we're going to thread it right into our handle nut. Now we're just going to hand tighten it at this time. We're gonna take our half inch by inch and a half bolt. Again, make sure you have Loktite on it. Go ahead and add your lock washer. We're going to go up through the rear hole in our base plate and then again we'll take another a handle nut and thread that into place. Again, we're just hand tightening is at this time.Next I need a half inch drill bit and a smaller drill bit. We're going to use the existing hole in the side of our bracket here or the side of our base plate to drill a hole through our frame rail, I'm going to start out with a half inch. That way it's centered in here and then I'll switch to a smaller bit to drill a pilot hole first.Next I'm going to take some clear coat of black paint any kind of paint to cover up that bare metal, to resist any rust or corrosion later on down the road. I will take a half inch by inch and a half bolt, the lock washer, and you're going to have a backing plate like this or a spacer. We're going to put this in between this bracket and our frame rail. We'll slide it up like that. Slide our bolt through and then we're going to take another one of our handle nuts and attach it here on the inside. We'll just hand tighten it at this time, just like that. And you're going repeat the same process on the other side of the vehicle. Next, we'll take a 19 millimeter socket and we're going to torque our hardware to the specifications in the instructions.You're going to repeat that for all remaining hardware. Next we're going to remove the handles off of our nuts. Some of them you can just kind of move them back and forth and they'll come off. If not, a pair of tin snips works.Now do we have our base plate installed, it's a good idea before you put your bumper back in place, to add any additional components or wiring that you may need, like your braking system, your diode kit or even a charge line.That will do it for our look at and installation on the Roadmaster EZ5 base plate kit with removable arms, part number RM-524431-5 on our 2018 Ford F150.

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