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Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plate Kit Installation - 2018 Chevrolet Spark

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How to Install the Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plate Kit on a 2018 Chevrolet Spark

Speaker 1: Today on our 2018 Chevrolet Spark you're going to be taking a look at and I'm going to show you how to install the Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms, part number RM-523185-4. This is what our base plate looks like when it's installed. What it's going to do, this is going to allow you to safely flat tow your vehicle behind your RV when you're traveling.It's going to have a black powder coat finish to resist any rust or corrosion. It's going to be one of five main components in a flat tow setup. The other four are going to be your tow bar, your wiring, your braking system, and your safety cables. This is what our base plate looks like with the removable arms on it.

In order to remove them, you're simply going to pull the ring, twist and slide out. The ring is going to be spring loaded. So when you want to install them, simply push it in until the ring depresses or the pin depresses, and then twist until it locks into place.The two pegs here, these are going to be for a wiring accessory. For instance, like a six-pole plug on a diode kit. These two tabs here are going to be for safety cables coming off of your tow bar or off your RV.

Then you're going to have a bracket right back there that's mounted on the base plate. That's going to be for the breakaway switch, which is going to come on your braking system.This is going to be a custom-fit base plate for this vehicle, and you can see it doesn't stick out from the fascia. There's a couple little things that stick out, but they don't stick out farther than the license plate bracket. You can see it's a very nice, clean look. As far as the installation goes on this base plate, it is a very simple installation.

It will require a little bit of drilling, but it's going to come with all the necessary hardware. It literally took me about two hours to do, and that's while shooting the video.The first thing we need to do to start our installation, we're going to need a 10 millimeter socket. We're going to remove this bolt here, and you're going to have one on this side. Next you're going to have a push pin fastener here and a push pin fastener here. Take a trim panel tool.

You can use a flathead screwdriver if you have one. We're going to get both pieces out like that.On the bottom of the vehicle, you're going to have three 10 millimeter bolts you need to take out. Next on the inside of each wheel well, you're going to have two push pin fasteners just like the ones we took off underneath the hood. You're going to have one here and you're going to have one a little bit lower. We're going to use the same process, trim panel tool. You're going to pop out the center. You're going to make sure you get that base out too. If these come apart, no big deal. You can always put this back in.You're going to have a seven millimeter head bolt right up inside here. It's connecting our front fascia to our fender, and you're going to repeat that on the other side of the vehicle. Next we're going to have two seven millimeter bolts on the bottom of our vehicle that's attaching the front fascia to the fender liner. We're going to have one right here. We're going to have one right here.Now would be a good time to unplug your fog lights if you have them. You're going to feel your wheel well liner back, and you can reach in and unplug those. Now what we're going to do is we're going to remove our fascia. We're going to start on the outside by the fender where the fender connects to the front fascia, and we're just going to start pulling out. It's a good idea to have a second set of hands to help you do this. Then we'll set this aside to be reinstalled later.Now, right underneath your bumper beam where your air dam attaches to it, there's a push pin fastener. You're going to have one of these on each side of the vehicle. We're going to go ahead and remove this. Next our AC line. This fastener is going in through our frame. I'm going to go ahead and pull that out. This is going to give us a little bit more room to work. Just like that.Next we're going to take a 1/2" drill bit. These two existing holes in the side of your frame rail, we're going to open those up, again through the 1/2" size. Keep in mind on the passenger side, you have your AC line that we ran here. It's going to run up right behind it. You're also going to have a rubber tube that runs up right there. Keep in mind that we're going to drill all the way through the frame to the other side. So, just keep the conscious mind that when you're drilling through, you don't hit those lines.Now I'm going to suggest taking some clear coat or some spray paint and spraying that bare metal to resist any rust or corroding later on down the road. Next we're going to take our 1/2" by 4" hex bolt, a lock washer, plate washer like this, and the nut. Before we do that, on all of our hardware that we're installing, we're going to use red Loctite. This does not come in your kit, but you can find this on our website. So, make sure you order this when you order your kit.We're going to put some on our threads, and you want to make sure that this edge is facing toward the vehicle or toward the back of the vehicle. Set it up like this. Slide our bolt through. We're going to get both of them in here. On the inside, we're going to put this washer and then our nut. We're just going to hand tighten these right now. We're going to do that same thing on the other side of the vehicle.Next on this part that comes off of your frame, there's a hole right on the bottom and on the top of it. We're going to open that up to a 1/2" like we did the other holes. We're going to have to do this from the bottom because there's not enough room between our bumper beam and the top of that to get a drill in. We're going to repeat that on the other side, and again, spray some clear coat or some paint on that bare metal.Next, we're going to cut this top half of our air dam off. So, from right here. We'll cut that off. Then on the other side, we're going to go right about this line here. I'm just going to use some shears. This is just plastic, so it'll cut through it pretty easy. You can see right there we've got a wire. We need to watch out for that one. You can see right here on the back side, that line is going to be connected to this piece we just cut off. So, we'll just pop that off, let that hang.We're going to take our base plate. Now, the easiest way to do this, it's not going to slide straight in. So if you go all the way to one side, get the one side in first, slide it down to the other side, and you can get it to slide in. It looks like my base plate is hitting this corner right here, so I'm going to go ahead and trim that off. Next we're going to take our 1/2" by 3" hex bolt, another one of our plate washers. Again, make sure you're using Loctite, and we're going to come up through the bottom. Feed it up through the hole like that, and then on top put a lock washer and then a nut. Then you're going to do that same thing on the other side.Next we're going to take our 1/2" by 1-1/4" hex bolts. We're going to go . This time we're going to come from the inside out with it. We'll line up our holes. Lock washer, then a nut. Same thing with our top one. Next we're going to tighten and torque all of our hardware to the specification in the instructions. I'm going to be using a 19 millimeter socket and wrench.Now I've got my fascia set back in place. Now we need to trim out around all of our pieces, and I've already marked it where I'm going to trim. I'm going to try and keep this as clean as possible so it looks like it's factory. What I did is I put the two 10 millimeter bolts under the top just to hold my fascia in place. Try and get this as straight as possible the way it's going to go back in.We're going to start with these two because these two are putting pressure on the front of the fascia, and they're going to be the littlest cut. I'm just going to use some cutters like this. You can use some shears if you want. A utility knife will probably cut through this pretty easy. Now we're going to cut out around here. You can see I've made marks, but I always want to double check to make sure my marks are right so we don't cut too much. You can see we've got it cut out. Now we'll do the other side, and we can clean up some of this. Again, a utility knife will work to cut this. It's not real thick.Once you have your fascia trimmed around your base plate, it's a good idea while you have it loose and off to go ahead and add any additional wiring like brakes and system wiring or your diode kit wiring so you can take your grill back off or your fascia back off while it's loose. Once you have all that installed and you're ready to put your fascia back on, you're just going to put it back on in reverse order from the way you took it off. That'll do it for a look at and installation on the Roadmaster EZ4 Base Plate Kit with Removable Arms, part number RM-523185-R on our 2018 Chevrolet Spark.

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