Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit Installation - 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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How to Install the Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit on a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Shane: Hi, I'm Shane with Today you're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to walk you through the installation on the Roadmaster direct connect base plate kit for your 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The base plate is going to attach directly to the chassis of the vehicle to give you a solid attachment point or connection point for your tow bar so you can safely flat tow your jeep behind your motor home. It's going to be one of five main components in the flat tow setup for the Jeep. Our other four main components are going to be our tow bar or tow bars are going to give us that solid connection point between our base plate on our Jeep and our RV. Our safety cables, they're going to be a secondary safety device in case our tow bar fails.

Our wiring, our wiring is going to allow our Jeep Grand Cherokee to receive light functions from our RV so that we're safe while we're traveling. Motorists can see what we're doing, turning, braking, and driving at night. Our braking system is it going to be required in all vehicles that are flat towed. This is going to allow the Jeep to not only slow but stop itself while it's being pulled behind the RV. And we're not going to have to rely on the RV's brakes to slow down or stop both vehicles.We're going to have removable arms.

It's going to have a spring loaded pin. This is going to make it easy when we get to our destination, we remove our arms, we can store them away in a compartment. When we're ready to reattach our vehicle to our tow bar, you simply put them until the spring loaded pin compresses. Turn it and our arms locked in place. One thing I do want to mention, you want to make sure if you notice this plate, it needs to be facing the inside and it needs to be at the top.

That's how you know which arm goes on which side. With our arm removed during normal driving conditions you notice unlike some of the other base plates this one is going to sit very close to our facia right inside of our grill so it's not really sticking out. It's not an eyesore. It really maintains a really nice clean look on the front of the vehicle and it's going to have a nice black powder coat finish that's really going to resist any rust or corrosion.We're also going to have a center bracket that runs across here where the wiring is attached. That bracket is going to have two rods on it and this is for attaching this wire or this plug here.

You're also going to have a hole in that bracket for your braking system breakaway switch that gives you a mounting location for it. That way you don't have to drill into any part of your facia. We're going to have a south steel construction so we're not going to have to worry about this base plate breaking down over time and it's going to work really well for pulling our Jeep behind our RV. This inaudible 00:02:42 is going to be compatible with all Roadmaster tow bars that are hitch-mounted. It will not work with tow bars that are ball mounted.And how we connect our tow bar to our base plate is we're going to take this end and it's going to go right in between. We're gonna take our pin, slide it through from the outside. We're going to line up this hole with the plate hole or the whole on a little plate on the top. We'll take our pen, slide it over and lock it into place. Once you have your tow bar hooked up, you're going to have nice safety chain loops here, gives you plenty of room for your safety chain hooks. Now, for those of you that may be a little intimidated by installing this base plate on your vehicle, I assure you can do it in your garage while your vehicle is on the ground.To start our installation we're going to open the hood, we're going to have two fasteners here on the top. You use a flat head screwdriver or trim panel tool. We're going to pop up the center. We're going to pull out the base with it. So, like that. Then we're going to have one on this side. On the inside of each fender well take your tire and turn it in. You're gonna see two plastic rivets here. We're gonna need to drill out the center and remove those and then we're going to have a 10 millimeter bolt right up here we need to remove. You do this on both sides of the vehicle.If you have trimming, you want to make sure you pop that loose up where the facia attaches to the front fender. Now we have our vehicle lifted up so it's a little bit easier for you to see. We're going to have some fasteners we need to remove across the bottom of our Fascia. We're going to have a clip here, it's going to look like this. We're going to have a 10 millimeter head bolt here. This fastener is just going to be like the ones on the top, it's going to be a push pin fastener. Pull out the center and then the base. We're going take a 13 millimeter socket, we're going to have two 13 millimeter head bolts right here and right here that hold this panel on. Now if you're having trouble getting this pan to slide out from this metal pan here take your 13 millimeter socket and you're going to have a bolt on this side and this side. You just loosen them enough it'll bring this down and you should be able to get it off like that.Now, what we're going to do is, it's a good idea to take some painter's tape and we're going to put it right along this edge and then right along this edge. That's just so we don't scratch the vehicle when we're taking or scratch the paint when we're pulling off our front facia to help protect it a little bit. Now, right in this corner we're going to have two clips. What we need to do is we need to push in, push in, pull out on the bottom of the facia, and then we're going to pull forward. We should be able to release them just like that. Slowly start popping them out. Remember our way to the center. I just want to make sure that you don't damage this. Once you get that slide this back in there, you just let it go. It's kind of spring loaded so if you just let it go it might slap back in there. We want to remove those caps. You're going to have one on each side. This is going to be one four or one clip for a foglight on your passenger side and pull out on the two black tabs and pull it out like that. We're gonna have the same thing on the other side.On each side just below your bumper core you're gonna have a 13 millimeter head bolt. We need to remove that bolt. You're going to take the long bolt, a flat Washer, it looks like this, and a small lock washer. You want to make sure you put red loctite on each one of your bolts. We're gonna take our main receiver brace and your driver and passenger side. To know the difference is this plate is up is going to sit right up here on the bottom. This hole is going to line up with this hole in the bottom of your bumper core. This hole we're going to line up with this hole. We're going to set it just like this. We're going to run our bolt up through and it's going to thread right into the weld nut in the bottom of the frame rail. We're going to have a second one right back here. We're just going to finger tighten these for now. Then we're going to reinstall our 13 millimeter bolt that we just removed there.We're gonna take a pipe spacer, we're going to slide it up just like this. This is on the outside hole. The shorter half inch bolt we're gonna use a small flat washer. We're going to go up through the hole in the bumper core. We're going to put a larger flat washer on, a lock washer and a nut. Again, we're just loosely installing this for now. And then go ahead and repeat that process on the other side of the vehicle. WE're going to use this inside hole on each side as a template to drill a half inch hole up through the bottom of our bumper core. We're going to do this in a couple of steps to make it easy. I'm going to start with my half inch bit to make my spot there so I know, so I can make sure my drill bit goes up center. I made my mark. Now I'm going to go down to a small drill bit. I'm actually not going to go from this straight up to the half inch. I'm going to go from this. I'm going to step up a couple of bits each time. It'll not only save your drill bits but it'll make it a little bit easier and you're not going to muscle it so much.Next we're gonna take another pipe spacer. We're going to have a inaudible 00:10:01 like this or a wire nut. We're going to feed it inside. We'll set it in place. If you're going to be installing wiring, you want to go ahead and put this bracket on. This is to hold your wiring because it needs to be bolted to this bracket. That's where we're gonna take our shorter inaudible 00:10:22 bolt. We're gonna go up through this inside hole. We want to make sure you have your bracket on. We're going to put a flat washer or we're going to put a lock washer on and then a large flat washer. We're gonna go right up through the bumper core and we're going to have to thread it right into our nut plate.One thing I do want to mention with this bracket, you want to make sure that these posts are facing out and this part is facing down. So, you can see how it's against up against the radiator down on the bottom. We're gonna make sure these are facing out. Our wire bracket is going to connect right here and we'll do the same thing on this side. Next, we're going to tighten all of our hardware. I'm going to start with an 11 16th so I'm going to tighten these two back here that are going to my frame rail. I'm going to take a three quarter inch socket, three quarter inch wrench, this one, tighten this one. And then we'll take our 13 millimeter socket and we'll tighten that one.Once you have everything tightened down, you're going to torque all of your bolts to the specifications in the instructions. Now I just have my facia temporarily put in place. You want to make sure if you're adding any wiring or the breaking system components, you want to add those in before your facia is completely put in because you are going to have to do some facia trimming around your base plate and those other components that you add on. You can kind of see how I have my base plate, trimmed around my base plate here and I'm going to have to put a hole here for my wiring plug and then one in here for my base plate, or I mean my braking system, breakaway switch. Once you get all of it trimmed out, you're ready to put your facia back on. You're just going to put your facia back on in reverse order from the way you took it off. Again, I'm Shane with each I hope this video has helped you whether you're still deciding or installing Roadmasters direct connect base plate on your 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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