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Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring Kit Installation - 2020 Ford Expedition

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How to Install the Roadmaster Tow Bar Wiring Kit on a 2020 Ford Expedition

Hello, everybody. Clayton here at Here at each trailer, we install, test, and review a lot of different products to help you as a customer make a more educated decision before your purchase. Today, we're going to be working on a 2020 Ford Expedition. We're going to be taking a look at, and I'll be showing you how to install, the Roadmaster Diode Wiring kit. Our diodes are going to allow us to get all those necessary lighting functions from our motor home back to our towed vehicle.

And those lighting functions are going to be our left turn and our right turn, our brake lights, and our taillight signal. And this is going to allow us to travel safely. That way everybody behind us knows our intentions. Honestly, diodes are one of my favorite ways to get your flat tow setup going. I just like how clean it is, our diodes and all of our wires are going to be encased in the back of our taillight.

So it's going to look nice and factory. Also, those diodes are going to prevent any backfeed from our diode wiring, from harming your stock wiring. It looks a lot better than having the magnetic lights and a bunch of wires running all over the outside of your vehicle. And our kit does include an umbilical cord. So that's really nice.

You're not going to have to hunt down another one. It's also going to include our six pole plug. It's mounted on the front of our vehicle. Now the only part visible of this entire kit is going to be our cord and the plug on the front of our vehicle, so it's going to be nice and clean. Definitely going to be super hidden compared to having wires run from your seven way over your vehicle and up to those magnetic lights.

Just going to look like a normal car every day, but whenever you're ready to flat tow, simply plug in your umbilical cord and hit the road. And I want to open up our rear tailgate and we'll come back to our taillight. We're going to be removing this dust cover. We're just going to take a trim panel tool, kind of slide it behind here, prying out our clips. We'll just work our way down. I do recommend using a trim panel tool for this 'cause you don't want to break your dust cover or any of the clips supporting it. With that removed, we'll do that same thing on the other side. Now we're going remove our two taillight screws, using a 10 millimeter socket. We're gonna have one on the top and one on the bottom. Those remove and wiggle our taillight assembly to help you pull that out. With our taillight assembly off, we'll push down on our electrical connector and he pull that off. We can set our taillight assembly off to the side. We then grab our airline tubing. Kinda slide that down to our rear fascia. And we want to take our yellow and our brown wire. We're going to tape those to our pull wire. Put that taped on and simply just pull up our wires. Now I want to cut back our insulation covering our wires. We're going to be using our white and our green for our stop and turn signals, and our blue with our gray stripe for our taillight signals. I'm gonna grab our wire cutters. When I cut these both. And I'm actually going to pull them back through the wires on our plug just to make it a little bit easier to work with. I'm going to grab our wire strippers and strip back all the ends on our wires. I'm going to be adding blue spade connectors to our wires. I'm going to twist that wire and then we can crimp on our spade connectors. I'm gonna grab one of our diodes. Our wire that's going to the plug, it's going to be our out signal. And our wire coming in is going to be our in signal. And we're going to do this for both wires. Now I'm going to pull up our brown or yellow again. We'll cut both of those. I'm going to strip back both ends. I'm going to add a blue connector to our yellow wire. Then I'm going to plug in that yellow wire into the diode with a white and the green wire. Now we're ready to use our brown wire. We're going to do something a little bit different here. We're gonna need to grab our excess brown wire, or really any wire you have, to use as a jumper wire to get it to the other side. We're going to grab that brown wire. We're gonna strip it back pretty far, give it a twist. We'll take our diode wire. We're going to twist these together. And we're going to be adding our yellow spade connector. We'll slide this onto the diode with our blue wires. Now we want to drop that new brown wire back down and grab it at the bottom. And I want to peel off our protective coating on our tape on both diodes. We'll stick these together. We're now good to reinstall our taillight assembly in the reversal order that we took it apart. You might have to extend that brown wire to get to reach to the passenger side. We do sell wire here at etrailer. I just added a blue heat shrink butt connector. Now we can come back and shrink it down. And it's always a good idea to add electrical tape after the fact to help ensure that good connection. We're now ready to mount our ground wire. I ran that up and over the frame rail to this flat spot here. I just kind of want to measure off our wire and we can cut it, strip it back, and add a ring terminal. Now using our provided Self Tapper, we can mount that ring terminal. When you mount that ground wire. you want to make sure not to over tighten that bolt so it doesn't strip out. We're now going to run our wires over to the passenger side. I'm going to follow some factory wiring. I'll go ahead and do it then show you the after. The wires go to our factory wiring here. They go up to our body mount to our, or our fascia mount, I should say, to our frame rail. Then they run over. I zip tied it here, again. You'll come to this little flat part and there's a good spot to run a zip tie then push it up and over the frame rail. Now I can pull this up to our taillight. On the passenger side we're going to be using our blue violet wire and our blue gray wire. We're going to be adding our diode the same way, except we're not going to be running a jumper wire. We have our left turn and our stop, going into our stop and turn wire. You have two wires coming in and our one going out to the plug. We have the same thing for a taillight signal. Now I'll stick our dials together and reinstall our taillight assembly. Adding our six pole plug is going to be pretty easy. We want to slide our boot over our wires. Then we're going to strip back the ends of our wires. We're going to be adding these to the according posts on our plug, and they're all going to be labeled. TM is going to be our taillights. So we'll twist that, add it to the socket. Grab a small Phillips head screwdriver and tighten that down. And we'll repeat that for our remaining wires. We now hooked up to her alternate power source to test out our lighting. We'll start with our taillights, our left turn our brake lights, and then our right turn. Then on the right side, we'll do our brake lights, and our taillights. And with everything hooked up and tested out, we know where it's working good and we're ready to hit the road. That's going to do it for our look at our installation of Roadmaster's Diode Wiring kit on our 2020 Ford Expedition..

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