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Roadmaster Diode 7 to 6 Wire Coil Kit Installation - 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Roadmaster Diode 7 to 6 Wire Coil Kit on a 2005 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2005 Dodge Ram 2500, we're going to be taking a look at and installing the Roadmaster Diode 7-Wire to 6-Wire Flexo-Coil Wiring Kit, Part Number RM-15267. Now that we have it installed, you can see this nice coiled 7-way to 6-way power cord. It's coiled to keep it up off the ground. It'll stretch out and come back as it needs you as you turn the corners with the vehicle and the tow coach. Now, we can go ahead and test our system. We can try our tail lights, our left turn and brake, and our right turn and brake. Now, with our Tow Doctor hooked up, we're not going to get both bulbs on the brakes to flash at the same time, but if you have a turn signal bulb, it's going to be that they share the brake bulbs, so if that one's working, your brake bulb's going to work also. Let's go ahead and show you how to install it.

Our first step is going to be to remove the tail lights from the vehicle. We're going to take them out and set them aside. We're going to take a T25, and we're going to loosen up the 2 screws. Once you have your 2 screws out on the other side, we're going to take a plastic panel tool so we don't scratch anything. I'm going to have to pop the light out.

There are 2 metal tabs that snap into the body here. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to get them out. You just have to work it out, and there's a little red lock tab on the light. We're going to push that out. This might require a screwdriver to pop it loose. Once you have it slid back, press in on that little tab and slide it off, and we'll set the light somewhere where it's going to be protected.

We'll do the same thing on the other side. Slide it out of the way, and we'll set that one aside. We're going to test for a signal for the parking lamp circuit. It's going to be this white wire. We're going to run some wire from this side of the truck over to the other side of the truck, so we can tie our lights together. We're going to snake some wire down through the hole here.

We're just going to need a green, a brown to go across. Now that we have our wires there, we'll take the wire that we tested that was the white with the gray tracer. We're going to cut that wire. We're going to strip it back about a 1/4 of an inch. We're going to put our spade connectors. Always be sure to tug on it make sure they're nice and secure. Now, we're going to install our diode. It's designed to stop your coach from backfeeding power into your truck system when it's being towed, so you're going to place the outside, plugs to plug. Then on one side, you're going to place the one that comes out of your harness on your truck to the inside. Then, the 2 wires that we ran from the other side, we're going to have a spade connector on that. We're going to do the same. Crimp both of these. Our marker lamp circuit is actually going to be the brown wire that's coming from the other side. We're going to plug that in to the other half of our diode, make sure it's secure. Our green wire is going to go to our turn signal and brake light circuit. Now, we'll test for those. This is the white with the green tracer. We can cut that wire, do the same thing. Now that we have our spade connectors in, we'll do the same thing. We'll put the outside towards the plug. This is our green. It's coming from the other side. I'm going to plug that in and the wire out of the factory harness. For ours, we're just going to take and peel off the 2-sided tape. We're going to stick them together. We're going to use some Loctite RTV, available on our website, Part Number LT37467. We're just going to smear a liberal amount around the outside. We want to make sure we can seal these up so no dirt and corrosion get in there. Once we have that, we can tape it all up with some electrical tape. We have it all taped up. We can go ahead and put our light back in. We'll just snap it on. They don't normally make a click sound on these. Just push them down, and if it's all the way down, the lock will go across. We'll just tuck everything back in the hole, line up our 2 tabs, snap them in, and we'll put in our 2 T25 screws. We're going to route our wire across. You can actually follow our factory harnesses. Now, we can just zip tie it across, just keep it attached to anything that the factory wiring harness and keeping it away from any kind of heat source or anything that could cause a chafe in your wires. Just be sure to keep it taut as you pull it across, so we don't have any slack playing down. Just want to be sure to trim back the excess on all your zip ties. Now, we're going to need to fish it up inside. Just take a little bit of tape and we'll attach it to that other cable. Now, we can pull our wiring up, we taped it on, and we'll put up all of our slack. The brown wires are tied together and they're going to the inside of the diode for the marker light circuit, and the other side is going to go to our harness to go to the front of the truck for the factory wiring, and then the output side is going to go to the plug. We did the same thing on the brake light side. The other wire went into input side and the green wire with the white tracer is the factory wire that went into the other inside of the diode, arrow pointing out is going to go into your plug. We're going to do the same thing on this side. We're going to silicone all the connections. We're going to tape them together, and then we're going to electrical tape everything to keep out all of the moisture and dirt. We're going to ground our lights. The white wire, we'll just take a self-tapping screw and we'll set it to the back here, and that'll ground our lighting. Now that we have everything connected up and taped, we're going to go ahead and heat up this heat shrink butt connector that we have here from Deka. That'll complete our install on this part of it, and I'm going to put our light back in. This inaudible 00:07:44 butt connected is the wire that jumps from the other side. We want to make sure we keep that from getting any corrosion or rust or water and dirt inside that connection also. That's why we use the heat shrink on there. Now, we can take our light, slip it back on, slide our lock over, line up our 2 tabs, snap it in. We can take our T25 torque screws, put those back in. Now, we'll go to the bottom side, and we're going to run our 4 flat wire all the way to the front of the truck. We went ahead and route our wire up over the frame rail, and we just followed the factory wiring harness up across, and we followed in behind the gas tank. inaudible 00:08:48 got past the tank, we just back with the factory harness and plumbing. We've tied it to some of the tubes that go up to the fuel lines and go to the front of the vehicle. You want to pay special attention when you go by anything like a drive line, make sure you've got it tied so it can't come around and hit the drive line. We went across up over the axle, tied it to the crossmember, paying attention to keep away from your steering linkage and your steering arms, tied it to the bottom of the shroud away from the fan. Then, we've come up across and we come out the front in the grill. Now that we have our wire run out to the front, if you're going to have a braking system, you definitely want to leave a loop of wire, so you can tie into it. We run the excess wire out the end here. I'm going to go ahead and strip it back after we separated it. You want to make sure you slide your boot for your connector over the wires before you start attaching anything, slide it back. We're going to strip our wires back. We'll start with our green wire, which is going to be our right turn marked with the RT, slide it in, and we'll tighten it up. Give it a tug and make sure it's tight in there. Then, we'll do our yellow wire, which is going to be the left turn, marked LT. You want to pay close attention you don't have any stray wires hanging out because if you do, it can ground out and cause a short. Then, we'll take our white wire, which is going to be our ground, marked GD, and we'll take our brown wire, the last one, one marked TM, which is going to be your trailer marker lights. On our case, our running lights on the back of the truck. Once you have those all secured, we're going to slide our boot back over. We'll take some electrical tape and we'll wrap it up, keep any grime and corrosion and water out of the system. Now, our kit did come with some loom, so we're going to go ahead and take that and we're going to place it over the outside of this just to protect it. Once you have it inside, take some tape and go around the outside. Take our self-tappers, we'll slip them into the hole there. We can pull our excess back, put our loop over here for our braking controller. That's going to do it for our look at and install of the Roadmaster Diode 7-Wire to 6-Wire Flexo-Coil Wiring Kit, Part Number RM-15267, on our 2005 Dodge Ram 2500.

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