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RoadMaster BrakeMaster Seat Adapter Installation - 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche

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How to Install the RoadMaster BrakeMaster Seat Adapter on a 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche

Today on our 2005 Chevrolet Avalanche we're going to be showing you how to install the RoadMaster BrakeMaster Custom Seat Adapter. Its part number is RM-88158. The quick attachment point on the bracket is going to allow us to quickly and easily remove the brake actuator when not in use. This bracket stays mounted underneath our seat post so there's no need to make any adjustments or modifications once your initial install process is done. That's going to slide in position and we'll line up the two holes, one here and one there with the studs that come up out of the seat. Now, the nuts that are on the studs are a little unique looking. We've found that just a standard 5.15 millimeter will allow you to get on there and get them removed.

Let's get those taken out. This one you'll have direct access on the passenger side or the one closer to the passenger side there. There is a little cover you'll have to pop off which we can show you. Here's the one closer to the passenger side. You'll see that little black cover. You want to pop out towards the outside of the vehicle on it just like that.

Now we'll guide our bracket in and these are going to get mounted underneath the seat there. You'll see how that's going to pop down on there once we get it situated. We just have to put our nuts back into place. Now we can take the actuator itself here. You can see that fits right over that stud. A clip will hold that in place.

We can remove the clip from our clamp there and allow that to come open. That's just going to expand over our pedal. I like to give a little bit of additional pressure if I can get it to come down. I just want to be sure as we close it that the tab here comes through one of those gates. Once that's through we can just place our clip in there to secure it, plug in our air line there and we'll be ready to hook up to our coach.

That's going to complete our installation of the RoadMaster BrakeMaster Custom Seat Adapter, Part No. RM-88158 on our 2005 Chevy Avalanche.

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