RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar Installation - 2021 Ford Ranger

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How to Install the RoadMaster Blackhawk 2 All Terrain Tow Bar on a 2021 Ford Ranger

Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer, today on our 2021 Ford Ranger, we're going to be checking out the Roadmaster BlackHawk Two All-Terrain tow bar. So there's going to be a total of five main components needed to flat tow your Ranger down the road. First one's going to be your base plate, and that's going to provide us with a solid and reliable connection point that way we can hook our tow bar up to it. A tow bar is going to be the second component and that's going to be the physical link that connects the front of your Ranger to the back of your motor home. Third main component is going to be safety cables. These are pretty self-explanatory.

These are going to be there in the event of an unlikely disconnect. They're going to keep everything paired together. The fourth main component is going to be tow bar wiring. And this is going to transfer the lighting functions from the back of your coach to the back of your truck keeping you safe and legal. And last but not least, the fifth main component is going to be your braking system.

And what this is going to do is apply the brakes in your Ranger whenever you hit the brakes in your motor home helping to bring you to a more predictable stop. When it comes to your flat towing components a tow bar is a very important one and that's because it's going to be doing the majority of the work as far as actually pulling your ranger down the road. And so you're going to want one that works like it should, it's easy to use, and something you can rely on, you know and the BlackHawk Two is going to do just that. One of the really important things that I can think of whenever you're pulling your vehicle down the road is how it's going to track behind your motor home. You know, is it going to stay with the motor home Is it going to be responsive, and so on.

And I've heard pretty good things about this tow bar, actually. A lot of our customers say does track well you know, the, the Ranger, when you're going down the road it's not going to be wanting to get away from you. Things like that. And it's tight and responsive. So when you're going around those sharp turns, let's say you're pulling into a gas station or something like that, the tow bar and your Ranger it's going to follow the motor home.

Like you'd want it to. So I mentioned that this is going to be really easy to use. Not only when you're hooking it up but disconnecting it as well. A lot of times when you go to disconnect the tow bar can be in a bind. And when that happens, it's going to be really difficult to free the end of it here from your vehicle cause it'll be so tight. Well, this one has what's called a non-binding feature. And so when that happens, if you lift up on this lever it'll release all that tension and make it super easy to disconnect. You're not going to have to put a ton of effort into it as opposed to some of the binding type tow bars. Those can be a big headache. Usually there's a small little button here. It's super hard to push. A lot of times you gotta get a special tool to engage that button down, to release that tension. And a lot of people don't even bother with that. A lot of them get a hammer, whack it you risk damaging the tow bar and everything else. So honestly, my opinion a non-binding tow bar like this as a must have. So just to kind of give you an example on how you would disconnect and connect to the tow bar we'll go ahead and run through it. So it's going to be a quick connect type. So you're simply just going to pull the pin out pull this pin out, and then you can remove the arm. And that's really all there is to it. When you go to hookup, just kind of do the opposite run that through put your pin in there. And you know, obviously you'd hook up your other flat towing components. As far as the tow bar goes, that's really about it. This is going to work with most Roadmaster direct connect base plates. And there's also some adapters available too if you have a different type of base plate you can get adapters that change up the ends that allow you to pair this tow bar to different base plates as well. So one of the things that the BlackHawk Two tow bar does offer is a really impressive weight capacity. It's going to be 10,000 pounds and that's a really high number, actually. These things are very heavy duty and that's really important, especially if you're you know, flat towing, a larger vehicle like a pickup truck, for example. On the same note it doesn't hurt to have a little overkill, a little extra capacity as well. So even if you've got a smaller vehicle that isn't nearly 10,000 pounds not going to hurt anything if you decide to use the BlackHawk Two, to pull it. So if you look at the sides of the tow bar we're going to have some channels here, and those are there to allow us to run our safety cables and our electrical cable through the side. And what that's going to do is keep everything up off the ground, keep those cables protected. And honestly, too I think it just kind of cleans up the look. You know, you don't have a ton of wires and cables hanging down below your tow bar there. I will say, if you do use a tow bar like this that has these channels in order to utilize those channels properly you have to have the right kind of cables. Of course, you know, so your safety cables you want to make sure that they're straight like these here that way you can pass them through. And the same holds true for your electrical cables while you want a straight one or hybrid one that way you can pass it through, get everything hooked up like it should. So at the end of the day a good all around tow bar that you can depend on, you know not only is it going to be easy to use but it's going to track well, and get the job done. And that'll finish up our look at of the Roadmaster BlackHawk Two All-Terrain tow bar on our 2021 Ford Ranger..

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