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Roadmaster Base Plate Installation - 2012 Honda Fit

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How to Install Roadmaster Base Plates on a 2012 Honda Fit

Today on our 2012 Honda Fit, we'll be installing the Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit, part#521190-1. To begin with, we will go ahead and raise the hood. First, you need to locate the plastic fasteners that hold the front fascia to the core support. Once you locate these plastic fasteners, you can use a small flathead screwdriver to help pop the center of the fastener up, and then they can be removed. Now that you have these removed, you can go ahead and pull that small section thats connected to the grill and the core support. This can be set aside.

You'll need to remove it around the hood latch mechanism. Now that we've removed the top plastic fasteners, we will go ahead and move to each side of the fenders. There's one Phillips-head screw that holds the front fascia on on each side. You'll want to remove this Phillips-head screw. Now we can go ahead and go to the underside of the vehicle.

There's a combination of Phillips-head screws as well as plastic fasteners that will need to be removed so the whole front fascia can be pulled off the vehicle. Once you've removed all the screws and the plastic fasteners from under the fascia, you'll need to gain access to where the fog lights plug in on this particular vehicle. As you will notice, the fog lights have a clip where you can just squeeze one side and pull it apart. You will need to repeat this for both the driver and the passenger side. Now that all the screws and fasteners have been removed, its time to pull the front fascia off.

When you pull the front fascia off, near the front fender, you may want to use a small flathead screwdriver to help release the tabs that hold the fascia to it. Be very careful here, as you can break the tabs. As you continue to work it out, underneath the headlight there are 3 or 4 other tabs that you will also need to use a screwdriver to help release. You may also want to get a second pair of hands to give you a hand removing this, but you can go ahead and set the whole fascia area off to the side. Now you will notice the bumper core structure is held on at each side with four bolts.

These four bolts will need to be removed from each side, but keep the bolts as they will be reused. Go ahead and set the bumper core structure aside, as it will not be reused, but you may want to keep it in case if you ever remove the base plate kit, you need to reinstall it on your vehicle. With the bumper core structure removed, go ahead and test fit the base plate kit up on your vehicle. On the base plate, you will use the four existing holes on each side from your bumper core structure, as well as one hole that is located under the hood along the inner frame rail. We have found that you needed to tighten the four from the existing bumper core structure all the way down, as to pull the inner two bolt holes so that they would line up. You would go ahead and you the plate that is supplied with the kit, the lock washer, as well as the 1/2-inch bolt. Before you go ahead and tighten this bolt down, you will want to install a little thread lock on the bolts. The part number on the thread lock is LT37420. You also need to work somewhat quickly, as the thread lock will set up and you will be unable to tighten the bolt completely. Go ahead and do one at a time, completing it to the torque specification listed in the directions. Now well repeat the same process on the passengers side. This bolt is a little easier to get tight, as there is less things in the way. Now that we have the two inner bolts tightened with the thread lock, well move back out to the front eight core support bolts that we used, and we will remove them one at a time, adding a little thread locker to each bolt. Now that we have each bolt with the thread lock applied, we will torque them to the specifications in the directions. Now that the base plate is bolted down and torqued to the specifications, we need to test fit our fascia back up on the front of the vehicle, as to see what area we may need to trim out to allow the base plate to fit through properly. You will notice on this application, we only had to remove a small piece of the grill. In this case, we use a rotary tool to help cut that small section out. Once both sides have been removed, go ahead and get someone to help you and put it back up in place. Once its up in place, make sure that its not hitting anywhere, as you may need to trim a little more. In this instance, we were able to make it fit. You'll want to pop the clips back in that are underneath the headlight, as well as the tabs that work along the front fender. Once you have the fascia reinstalled and all the clips pushed back on under the headlight and along the fender, you'll need to be sure that you go underneath and reconnect the fog lights on both sides. Now that you have this done, we can go ahead and put our screws and plastic fasteners back in, reconnecting all the underbody components that we removed in the beginning. Now we will move up to each side where we removed the Phillips-head screw, holding the fascia to the fender. Now that that is completed, we will move up under the hood, replacing the plastic section that we took off in the beginning, and you will need to reinstall the plastic fasteners that you removed at the beginning of the installation. Now that you have the front fascia fully reinstalled, it is time to install the safety cables using the quick links. You will use the larger hole on the base plate that comes through the front fascia. The quick link will go through that as well as one end of the safety cable. You will want to use a wrench to tighten down the quick link. Now that the safety cables are installed, it is time to install the removable front bracket arms into the front receiver braces. You will do this by twisting them about 90 degrees to lock them in place. You will want to note that the two bolt holes or two slots should be on the top when they are installed. That will do it on our Roadmaster EZ Base Plate Kit, Part #521190-1, on our 2012 Honda Fit.

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