Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit Installation - 2017 Chevrolet Equinox

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How to Install a Roadmaster EZ5 Base Plate Kit on a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox

Hi. I'm Shane with Today we're gonna be going over the best flat tow set up for a 2017 Chevrolet Equinox. There are gonna be five main components for flat tow set up with any vehicle.First one is gonna be your base plate. Second, your tow bar. Then your safety cables, your wiring, and your braking system.

With the Chevy Equinox, it's gonna require three additional parts. Were gonna require a brake light switch, a fuse master fuse bypass, and a charge line. Our base plate is going to attach to our vehicle chassis and it's gonna give us a solid connection point for our tow bar. There is four options of base plates for the 2017 Chevy Equinox. I like the easy five direct connect we have here.

It's gonna make attaching and detaching our tow bar a lot easier and there's less components we're gonna have to worry about misplacing if we're not using it.As I mentioned before, our base plate is gonna give us a solid mounting location for our tow bar when we're flat towing our vehicle. It's going to mount directly to the chassis of the vehicle. When not in use, we're gonna have removable arms to help maintain a nice clean look on the front of the start our installation, we're gonna have to remove a few panels here on top. Flat head screwdriver, inaudible 00:01:20 trim panel tool. We're gonna have three push pin fasteners on each side.

We're gonna pry out this center and then we're gonna pull the base out. We're gonna take this panel, we're just gonna fold it back out of the way. We're gonna do that same thing to the other side. Take a T20 torch bit, we're gonna have a few screws right here.In front of each tire on each side right along this inside edge, we're gonna have two push pin fasteners, two T20 torch bits, and on your vehicle you may have a seven millimeter head bolt right here that attaches your front fascia to your fender. We're gonna remove all of those.

Again, these push pin fasteners are the same as the ones that we're up top. Then you're gonna take you T20 torch bit, remove your two bolts here. Then your seven millimeter head bolt is right up here.Pull this out. If you have fog lights, your plug sits right here. There's a little tab on it that you're gonna need to pull out. See this little red tab You need to make sure you pull that up and then you're gonna push right there and you'll be able to pull the plug right off. You need to disconnect both lights, one on each side.Then on the underside of the car on each side you're gonna have two seven millimeter head bolts that need to be removed.Now with the next inaudible 00:03:16 we're gonna remove our fascia. We're gonna start from the outside and work our way towards the center. We're just gonna pop the fascia loose from the clips. Again, pull it out slowly. Just make sure you have all of your wiring disconnected. Once you have it all disconnected, you're gonna set it off to the side in a safe place. Right here in the center of our bumper beam, on the backside we're gonna have wire loom. We're gonna have some clamps that run through to the outside. Take some needle nose pliers and we're just gonna pinch that and pull that wire loom through. So like that.On the top side of our bumper beam, on each side we're gonna have another fastener, just like we removed on the ones on the front. Just like that. Then it attach right there. You're just gonna pinch the two sides in, pull it through. 13 millimeter socket, we're gonna remove the three bolts on each side of our bumper core.Next, we're gonna remove our ambient temperature sensor. Again, classis trim panel tool. Just want to make sure you don't damage it. Then one each side, we're gonna be trimming off the outer edge of our air dam. Gonna go from about here, we're just gonna go straight down this edge. Just like that. We're gonna do that same thing on the other side. I'm gonna use a dremel tool. Any cutting device, you can use some ten snips. Probably cut this plastic, it's pretty thin. We're gonna do that same thing on the other side. We're gonna take our six bolt through removed from our bumper core and make sure we put red lock tight on the threads. We're gonna take our main receiver brace, we're gonna set it place, then reinstall our bolts.With an 18 millimeter socket we need to remove the bolt on our subframe. We're only gonna do one side at a time. You want to make sure we don't remove both bolts on our subframe at the same time. You have a little plate that looks like this. Large bolt, make sure you use lock tight, slide it through, and make sure you have your lock inaudible 00:06:02 on. Then you're gonna take your pipe spacer, slide it on the top. We're gonna bolt this right back into that spot that we just removed our bolt.We're gonna take our small six bolt, come up through the bottom. On the inside we're gonna put a lock washer and a nut. Again, we want to use lock tight on all of our hardware. You can see how we have movement there. Want to make sure we're not tightening anything down for that reason right there. We want to make sure we get all of our hardware installed first before we tighten anything down.Take a 22 millimeter socket, we're gonna torque this bolt here to the specifications in the instructions. Then we're gonna move up and torque these two to the specifications in the instructions. Before doing that, we want to make sure our base plate is centered. Then you're gonna repeat that on the other side of the vehicle.Take a 10 millimeter socket, driver's side. We need to loosen the hardware holding on our bottle, our washer bottle. We're gonna bolt here, nut here, and nut over here. Ten millimeter socket, driver's side, we're gonna remove our horn. We're gonna have two brackets that look like this. On our driver's side, we want the one that has a hole that's gonna be at the top. This cutout is facing the outside of the vehicle. We're gonna slide it in, behind our wiring. Like that. We're gonna use the shorter of the hex bolts. We're gonna go down from our top brace through our main receiver brace. Underside we're putting a lock washer and a nut. Same thing over here. We're gonna have a backing plate like this. One for each side. We're gonna slide it in and we want the hole, you can see how it's kind of offset. We want it close to the top and close to the outside. We're gonna slide it in like this. Put in our bolt. This is gonna be the longer of the hex bolts. Then lock washer and nut.Once you get your hardware installed, you're gonna tighter ad torque these two bolts. Then you're gonna tighter and torque that bolt. You're gonna do that on each side of the vehicle. Then you want to tighter and torque the three factory bolts that you removed to the specifications in the instructions. Then we can reinstall our horn and our washer bottle.once your base plate is fully installed it's a good idea to go ahead and add any additional wiring or braking system components before you reinstall your fascia. Before reinstalling your fascia, you're gonna have a foam piece that runs right down the center. You need to make sure you remove that. You're gonna have a few clips. One here, one here, and you're gonna have two on the other side. Some models may have a metal clip right in the center.Then you're gonna reinstall your fascia in reverse order from the way you took it off. Go ahead and install your six bolt plug. Test it out to make sure everything is working correctly.

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