Roadmaster Base Plate Installation - 2006 Jeep Commander

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How to Install a Roadmaster Base Plates on a 2006 Jeep Commander

Today on 2006 Jeep Commander, we're going to install a base plate kit from Roadmaster, product number RM-1427-1. The first thing we're going to do is go ahead and open up the hood and remove six plastic fasteners across the top and the grill. To remove the grill, we simply pull up in the center. You may pick up on the side a little bit and it unsnaps. Now, we're going to remove the four fasteners that connect the bumper, cover, to the core support. Alright, we'll remove the tubes, bolts attaching the fascia to the radiator support.

We're going to remove these three plastic rivets here and drill them out or you can pry them apart and cut them. Alright, the next thing we're going to do is pull out the fender flare. Now, we already have them from the part. To pull the part, you had to reach behind the bumper fascia and squeeze these tabs together. Next thing we're going to do is go ahead and disconnect fog light wire harness.

There's a little tab on there. You got to pull back on and then it slides apart. At this point, we can go ahead and remove the bumper fascia. We definitely have it an extra set of hands to help do this. We'll pull out on the fender flare to give some clearance and we pull straight out.

The bumper fascia fits in the side gear. Sometimes there's a little catch in there. We use to put a screwdriver and just give a little twist to spread it apart and it pop right out. Next thing we do, we remove the frame caps right here. Next, we can remove the tow hooks.

Remove these three bolts here. These studs have to be removed as well. These little clips right here, we'd squeeze it and just push it up. Now, Brett is going to install here and here and we have enlarged these two holes out to half-inch size. Now, we're going to take the slap plate that we're going to install inside the bumper structure. We'll slip it in through here. Make sure that the holes line up and the block doesnt have a slight offset to match the slight offset in the bumper structure, ok And there is hole behind the bumper structure and begin to install the inch and a quarter bolts. Now, we'll go ahead and install the receiver brace. We're just going to slide it underneath the frame rail and into the bolts that we put into the bumper structure, alright Now, we're going to leave our bolts just finger tight for now because we'd still move around to line up the remaining bolts. We'll repeat the same process or go to the driver side one more time and over on the passenger side. When we install our bolts for the frame rail, we're going to start from the farthest one back from the center and walk away towards the front. We're going to run this 2-inch long bolt and lock washer up through the bracket and into the hole that's in the frame, and we'll run the bolt into this handle nut right here with the round plate. Alright, now, we're going to drill one more hole out. Now, this hole that's existing at the bottom of the frame, we're going to drill to this section that's in the middle of the frame. That's the part we have to drill out. And this spacer will be set between the bottom of the frame and the inner part of the frame. Now, we may have to bend this out of the way or trim the spacer down which anyway is the easiest to get that in place. And we're run the bolt into this handle nut right here. Now, we're going to install our hardware for our last tool. We're going to use this bolt, this plate, lock washer and the nut. Alright, we got all the hardware installed and it's still loose. Now, we'll go ahead and repeat the same process over along the passenger side. All the fasteners are loosely installed. Now, we can go ahead and snug all the bolts down, then we'll torque them down as the inaudible in the instructions. Now, we can go ahead and reinstall the caps at the end of the frame. Now, we put our bumper cover back on and do a test fit to the inaudible receiver arms. We have to cut out some of the plastic right here and we'll use this dimension right here and the receiver arm is about the right length. So let's make some marks to give us our height. And now also, the tab behind the plastic for our safety chain cable makes thing easier to get to, we're going to cut out just a little more and go all the way down and have room for that. Basically, we'll go ahead and scour the plastic and cut through it, which is then with a clean edge. The last thing to install is our quick link and our safety cable. Install the receiver arms and we just got to install our pins. We are finished for install and there you have it, the product number 1427-1 from Roadmaster.

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