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Road Comfort Front and Rear Floor Mats Review - 2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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Review of the Road Comfort Front and Rear Floor Mats on a 2021 Ford F-250 Super Duty

What's up everybody. Adam here with etrailer today on our 2021 Ford F-250, we're going to be taking a look at the road carpet floor mats. So these are going to be a really entry-level format. That's going to give us pretty much just as much coverage as the OEM mats, but maybe a little bit more. So just to show you, here's the OEM one obviously it's carpet it's, they're a lot harder to clean, but even just on the driver's side, we're getting a little bit more coverage which I like. And again, it's just gonna be so much easier to clean.

So you notice how the OEM ones have this little hole. So we're going to have those also with the road comfort. Even when I don't snap them into place, it doesn't really want to move a whole lot. But if we line these up, push down, now they're really not going to move anywhere. They nice and locked into place.

It's a nice rubberized feel to it, but we're not just getting the driver's side we're also getting the passenger side as well, including the backs. On the passenger side we're not really going to get those little dots cause we just don't have them on the floor, but it does have a good fit and is a little bit bigger than the OEM mats. We're getting a little bit more coverage, but let's go ahead and just simulate some sort of water spill or whatever. I'm kind of curious to see where the water's going to go. So as you can see, it kind of pulls up.

It will kind of go a little bit over right here, but if we did have a spill you can either just dump it out. But some of it does kind of get down to the carpet. So it's not like the best coverage. I think the WeatherTech's can be a little bit better, but it does kind of keep a lot of that in there. So if you do have a full water bottle spill, it's definitely going to still go out.

So if you we're to kind of upgrade and want more coverage, sometimes the WeatherTechs actually kind of come up and over this little crack. So you won't have that spillage seat down in between your carpet and the trim there, but all in all definitely an upgrade from the OEM mats, I'm pretty impressed with the back why Well looking at all the coverage. So this is a two Mat set in the back. So we are going to have a little overlapping right here and I liked how it had a male and female end. So this kind of folds in like that. And it kind of clicks in, which is nice. And it does have some little spikes on the bottom. So we don't have those little circles that we had on the driver's side, but since they're such a good fit, they're really not going to move anywhere. So let's compare these to the ones that came with the truck. So we're definitely going to get more coverage as you can see a little bit wider there, but also for that third person that's in the back, they actually have coverage for their feet too. So I really liked this one thing that you're going to have to do is you want to trim this stuff up. So there's this little tab right here. You can just go ahead and take some scissors or something and cut that out. And so it's a little bit better. So we are going to get a lot more coverage than the OEM mats. And that's what it's kind of all about really. I mean it's really thick rubber. I did realize that. So some of these are kind of just paper thin or this more plasticy, but these are extremely rubbery. So I liked that just because they're not going to kind of just sit up like this. So a lot of the times with the WeatherTech floor mats they're really plasticy. So you have to kind of let them sit out in the sun with these fresh out of the box. They're going to fit just as well as they will for the rest of their life. Whenever I see these kinds I used to detail a lot of cars. It's super nice because all you do is pull them out you hose them off, you put them back in. It's a lot easier than the carpet, but also it just makes cleaning your truck a lot easier. So if you have one of those muddy days or snowy days, it's gonna protect your trucks carpet, and it's gonna be a lot easier to clean and I liked that a lot. All at all, this is going to be the most entry-level floor mats, you're going to get a lot more coverage than the OEM ones. And if you we're to upgrade, I would definitely go with the WeatherTech just because they're all one pieces and that's usually better for me just because one piece just gives you a little bit more coverage in this less cracks for some of that water and stuff to kind of fall into. But another thing to think about is what kind of color you want. So this is black interior. So black was what we wanted to go with and that's the only color available for the road comforts. But all in all, this is going to give you a lot better coverage. So if you just want something to protect your carpets a little bit better than the OEM ones, the road covers are going to be a great option for you..

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