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Road Comfort Custom Auto Floor Mats Review - 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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Review of the Road Comfort Custom Auto Floor Mats on a 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty

John: Hey guys, John here from and today we're going to be taking a look at the Road Comforts Custom Floor Mats for our 2020 Ford F-250. This is a great way to upgrade from our carpet OEM Floor Mats, to something that's a little more durable, will help keep our truck looking nicer longer.Here we have our OEM Carpet Floor Mat here. We're going to take out just by lifting up under these buttons and then simply put our new floor mat in place. And then just line up the buttons with the OEM anchor points here. It's that easy to install. I would like to point out that this does have a bit more coverage than the OEM Floor Mat.Our floor mats have a thermoplastic elastomer construction, basically feels like a thick, but flexible rubber and so we don't really have to worry about it holding up, it'll do just fine.

We do have some flat points here so it won't hurt our feet. Plus it's a little thicker, so we know that it's going to last longer, it won't rub down as fast as, maybe these will by putting our driver's side foot here all the time.We do have channels here that help take any debris like water, mud, maybe oil, just anything maybe at the job site or home in our garage. Helps move it away from where our feet are going to be. And then up here where we do have this piece of protection from the factory, we do have a little bit of the mat that goes up into that area just to help channel where our left foot would be normally resting. It helps channel that down, out and away from where our feet are going to be.Here on our passenger side, it's even easier to replace our floor mat.

We don't have the buttons, but I would like to point out on the bottom of our format, this goes for all of them. We do have these little nibs here that do give us traction. So even though we don't have the anchor points here on the passenger side, we don't have to worry about this moving freely around. It will have some kind of stick to it.Here in the back, we have two separate mats, but they cover the whole width of our rear seat area. There's a connection point here.

And what I wanted to show you guys was that the OEM carpet, it actually only fits right where our left and right passengers are. So if anybody sits in the middle, we wouldn't have any coverage. And so the upgrade for this in the back seat, obviously is a superior construction, the channels just what we had upfront, but also we get complete coverage. So if we have a full cab, we don't have to worry about that debris. Again, we have the full coverage.Here where our two mats meet, they don't just butt up against each other.

They're actually grooves here and here that line up and put them in place. So then even though we have two different mats, it still acts as one big floor mat. So they're locked together essentially, but we can still when we need to take it out, we're not taking out one big mat, we have both of them if we need to clean it or something like that.One quick thing that I did want to point out, all of the mats do come with this extra, it looks just kind of like a flap, it can be cut off. This is basically just for demonstration purposes. There's holes here that you would use for like hanging up in a store or something. So our mats will sit a little more custom looking. This isn't here permanently.When our floor mats do get dirty, we're able to quickly spray them down or maybe take them out, hose them off, wipe them down and they clean up really, really nice. It looks like we don't even have them dirty in the first place after we're done with them here. So they cleanup really easy. Very easy to use.All in all, I really liked this floor mat option for our 2020 F-250. It comes in one complete kit. It's a cost-effective way to get more protection for our floors than just the rug type or the carpet type that we initially had in this pickup. But that's going to do it for the look at our Road Comforts Custom Floor Mats for our 2020 F-250.

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