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Road Comfort Front and Rear Floor Mats Review - 2019 Honda CR-V

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Review of the Road Comfort Front and Rear Floor Mats on a 2019 Honda CR-V

Ryan: Hey everybody, Ryan here at etrailer. Today on our 2019 Honda CR-V, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the Road Comforts Custom Auto Floor Liners. To get your mat in place. You're going to want to remove your old one. And as you can see here, the one that was originally in here, didn't do that great of a job at keeping our carpets protected. So before we put the new one in not a bad idea just to vacuum up all this dirt.Once we clean up all the dirt and you can just take our new mat and put it into place.

Now we're still able to maintain the factory little keepers here. So make sure you line up your mat with those and you can just turn them a quarter turn to lock them down. So with the floor mat in, the first thing I noticed is how well it actually fits. So it contours really nice to the floorboard of our CR-V and it gives us some pretty good coverage too. The sides here are somewhat beveled.

So it's going to keep everything contained in the floor mat itself, even have a part here that comes up where you can rest your left foot as you're driving. Mat comes up pretty far beneath the brake pedal and just all the way over. It actually maintains the little factory hooks here. So we're able to reuse those.And after feeling this, one thing that I think I like over some of the other types is how soft it is, it's really malleable. I don't see it getting slick like some of the other ones, especially when it's wet.

So you're really going to be able to keep a good footing whenever you're driving down the road. And that's obviously really important. You don't want to slam your brakes or hit your gas whenever you're not wanting to. Kind of give you an example of that and see how easy it is to bend. Some of the other types are really solid and hard, and that just goes to show how slick they can be.

So this one's going to stay in place really well too, has these little nibs here. And so these are just going to kind of dig into that carpet and keep it from sliding around.I will say the area here where your feet are going to be the majority of the time, are really solid and thick. So you shouldn't have to worry about these wearing out. That's usually the first spot of your floor mat that wears out is right here in this area. And the floor mat is going to do no good if you've got a big hole here. So it's really a good idea that they reinforce these areas to prevent that from happening. It's also going to have some channels that run all the way along through here. And so what that's going to do is give that water or snow or dirt, mud, whatever it may be a place to go, instead of keeping all that stuff on the bottom of your feet. So floor mat will catch all that, and you're not going to have to drag dirt in and out of your house or whatever the case may be.So pretty nice there those are going to keep everything contained on the floor mat and not get all over your carpet. And over here in the passenger side, I went ahead and dropped in our floor mat as well. And right away, you'll be able to tell how much coverage you're going to be able to get all the way from the beginning of our seat all the way up, way up underneath our glove box. So it's really going to do a great job of keeping our carpet protected. It's going to have the same features as the driver's side. One with these channels, nice and thick and durable, same nibs here to keep the floor mat for moving around. You know with this amount of coverage you're not going to have to worry about your passengers, digging their muddy shoes into the carpet. And since these actually come with the second row mats as well, let's go ahead and hop in the back seat and check those out now.And here in the back seat, you can see our floor mats are going to provide great coverage and share all the same features as a front. That way, if you have some kiddos back here making a big mess, you're not going to have to worry about it destroying your carpet. Now, if that is a case and these do get dirty, what's great is you're not even going to have to bother with breaking a vacuum out or anything like that. Just pull these out, shake them off. And what I like to do is just hit them with the garden hose, just spray them down real good, 9 times out of 10, that gets them really nice and clean. Let them drip dry and then just throw them back in the CR-V. So what I like about the mats back here is the fact that they're going to kind of work around our seat tracks and all the humps in our floor. They go all the way back way underneath our front seats.But I will say I would have liked to have seen maybe a transition piece that went through the center section here. That way this carpet would have a little bit of protection as well, but at the end of the day, not really a huge deal. And that'll finish up our look at of the Road Comforts Custom Auto Floor Liners on our 2019 Honda CR-V..

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