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Rightline Gear Jeep Top Duffel Bag Review - 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimted

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Review of the Rightline Gear Jeep Top Duffel Bag on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimted

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Rightline Gear, Jeep Top Duffel Bag. Part number RL100D91. The Rightline Duffel Bag is great for keeping your extra sporting goods equipment or camping equipment up on top to free up space inside your Jeep. This will work with your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, your Jeep Wrangler, and even ones with hard tops, roof racks, or cargo baskets. This does work with other vehicles as well. This can carry up to 4.3 cubic feet of gear, and is made from a waterproof material, and has a covered zipper to make sure everything inside stays as dry as possible. The material also resists cuts and tears and has welded seams here to ensure that no moisture will get inside. It is also UV resistant to ensure that it will not fade over time. In addition to the main storage area, it has this side pocket here to store your smaller items.

It is very easy to install using two straps that attach to the rails on both the passenger and driver's side, going through the D-rings of the actual bag itself. Now as far as how many bags you can fit up there, you can fit up to three per row and since this is a 4-door Jeep, you can actually put three more behind it. Now once you have your equipment off the roof it does come with a handle here which you can use to carry around just like a normal duffel bag. All you do is snap into the D-rings like so. Now with it in a duffel bag form, you go ahead and take it, and just put it in the back seat if you don't need any extra space. This bag measures 36 inches long by 16 inches wide by 13 inches tall and has a one-year warranty. Okay, now that we have gone over some of the features, lets go ahead and show you how it installs. We first place our duffel generally where we want it on our vehicle, and then we will go ahead and get the straps ready, and put those through our roll bars. With that done, next we can actually focus on our straps here.

You want to take the shorter end of the strap and remove it from the buckle here. Go ahead and do that now. With that done, then we will take our loop end, open our passenger side door, and feed it through the gap at the top here. Grab it on the other side like so, then we will feed this end through the loop pulling it nice and tight. We will repeat this process with the longer end of the strap on the driver's side. Go ahead and take our loop on the long end.

This can be kind of a tight fit, you may have to work with the straps a little bit to get them through. Now as we run through our strap, we want to make sure that our buckles are going to be facing out once they are actually attached to our duffel bag. Make sure that there is no snags or it is not twisted when we do this as well. Our next step is we are going to go ahead and take our strap, run it over to the other side and through the D-rings, and then connect it to our other strap on the passenger side. Again, making sure it is not twisted when you are putting it through the D-rings. Then we will bring our smaller strap up, reattach it into our buckle, and cinch it down until it is nice and tight.

Now we will repeat this process for our second strap. We will go ahead and tie up our excess. All right, we should be all set to go. There you have it for the Rightline Gear Jeep Top Duffel Bag, part number RL100D91. .