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Rhino-Rack XTray Pro Cargo Basket and 2 Bike Carrier Review - 2022 Toyota RAV4

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Review of the Rhino-Rack XTray Pro Cargo Basket and 2 Bike Carrier on a 2022 Toyota RAV4

Hi, everyone. Aiden here with Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Rhino Rack Xtray Pro cargo basket here on our 2022 Toyota RAV4. Now this is going to be a really large and functional cargo basket, with the added feature of also being a two-bike carrier. If you do choose to use it in that way. We've got these mounts front for a through axle so you can get a bike and some cargo, just cargo, or two bikes up here.

As long as it's within that 165 pound weight capacity. Let's check it out. So for those mounts up front they will accommodate a 15 millimeter by 100 millimeter through axle. If that doesn't match up with your bike at home, no worries. There are replacement sleeves here that we can swap out for different size through axles.

So be sure to pick up the one that works for you and your bike. The cargo basket also comes with rear wheel straps to hold the rear wheel down so we can get our bike fully secure when it's on the roof here. Like we mentioned this is a pretty large cargo basket. It takes up the space on the roof really well here. And I think it fits the RAV4 really nicely.

As far as specific usable dimensions go, from inside edge to inside edge on this top bar here it is gonna be 35 inches wide. It just flare out a bit at the bottom. So if you need to fit something a little wider you can so long as it doesn't go up above those bars. And then front to back, we are gonna be looking at 52 and a half inches again from inside edge to inside edge. And if you need a little bit of overhang on the back end here, you can get that.

So this is gonna attach by clamping around your cross bars. We've got four clamps here that go along these two sets of rails that are closer together. So we can slide the whole cargo basket back and forth. We have a pretty wide crossbar spread here on our RAV4 today. That's the one with the fixed mounting points on the flush rails. So it fits really well on there and we didn't have to make any adjustments. With it how it is right now we can also see there is plenty of hatch clearance. So we don't have to make any sacrifices here as far as functionality of our vehicle is concerned. All of our nice and not so messy cargo can stay inside the vehicle, and the messy stuff can stay up top. We are gonna have a powder coated steel construction. So it's gonna be nice and durable and hold up to those elements. Powder coat isn't perfect, and it might chip away over time but this one feels pretty high quality, and I think it should last really well in those elements. On the front end here, we do have a removable front faring. This is gonna help with aerodynamics and wind noise. If we wanna remove it, we can maybe pass something through the bars here, like some lumber. But we can leave it on and just have a nice clean look to our cargo basket too. All the bars around here make for great tie down points. Whether you have an S hook on a ratchet strap, or you're just feeding a cam buckle strap around the bar, you can get your gear secured in whichever way fits your needs the best. And overall, I think the Xtray is a really solid basket. It looks nice, it's gonna fit the RAV4 really well, and it's going to have a lot of function. If you find yourself carrying cargo and bikes together or just one or the other very often, maybe swapping between the two, this is a great option to just be able to do it all with one tool. Overall, that's gonna do it for our look at the Xtray Pro from Rhino Rack here on our 2022 Toyota RAV4. Thanks for watching..

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