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Rhino Rack Roof Rack Review - 2009 Pontiac G6

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Review of the Rhino Rack Roof Rack on a 2009 Pontiac G6

Speaker 1: Today on our 2009 Pontiac G6 we're going to be installing Rhino-Rack's Roof Rack System. We're using the Vortex Aero Crossbars, Part Number RRVA126S-2. These also come in black, Part Number RRVA126B-2, Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Legs, Part Number RRRLKVA, and the Pontiac Custom Fit Kit, Part Number DK067.This roof rack system from Rhino-Rack, along with the custom fit kit, will allow you get it right on top of your vehicle without any factory crossbars or roof rails. It'll work with accessories such as bike racks, cargo carriers, cargo baskets, and many of your other favorite accessories.These are 49" long bars with an elliptical aerodynamic design. Each end cap has a locking mechanism to help deter theft, and when you remove the end cap you can access the T-slot, so all of your T-slot accessories should work fine. While the end cap is in place there's no way for it to be removed.

You can upgrade the end caps to metal locks to help further deter theft.The footpads support your Aero Bars and have rubber pads at the bottom to help prevent any scratches or abrasions. Each one comes with a metal lock to help deter theft as well. Inside you'll see that there's safety Allen key heads on your screws, making it tamper-proof, so you'll have to use the included tool to tighten, loosen it up, and again further deter theft.Included in the fit kit you're going to get metal arms that will hook into your doorjamb on the back side. There's a rubber pad to help prevent scratches and abrasions, and you'll also receive the rubber pad that adapts to the roof of your vehicle. This roof rack system can accommodate 165 pounds of weight.

Now you do want to check your vehicle's owner's manual to insure you're not overloading the vehicle's roof.From the top of the roof to the bottom of the front Aero Bar it's going to measure about 3", and from the top of the roof to the top of the Aero Bar it's going to measure about 4-1/4".While your crossbars are installed you can still enjoy your sunroof. As you can see, while it's fully open any accessories that you have sitting on top will clear, so you don't have to worry about that.We'll begin our installation by preparing our footpads. We have our footpad here. Begin by using your key to unlock the cover and removing the cover. We can now remove the bolt located here at the front, slide on our fit kit adaptor arm, and thread the bolt back in.

We just want to thread it in a few turns right now so it's loose so it's easier to install. Now flip your footpad over, take the custom pad and place it in. Make sure the center circle lines up with the circle on the footpad, press it down, and then work your way around the outside. You'll do the same thing with your other footpad.Now we'll flip over our Aero Bar, we'll take off our end cap, and slide on our footpad. Now if you look at the instructions that come with your kit, there will be a measurement that you're going to have to go from here to your footpad for the front and the rear.

We've already got the front installed, so we're going to show you how to do the rear.We'll use the measurement in our instructions for our rear arm, set out the length, bring our footpad up, and tie it down with Rhino-Rack's special tamper-proof tool. We'll do the same thing on the other side. Then place your end cap back on and use the special Rhino-Rack locking tool to lock it down.Our front rack was installed using the measurements in the instructions from the center of the door to this location, to the center of the footpad. We'll do the same thing on our rear. We'll set it in place, bring our footpads down underneath the doorjamb, next check your instructions for the measurement from center to center from your front bar to your rear. Once you've got that set on one side, do the same for the other. Use the special tool again to tighten them down.You'll know they're tight enough when the special tool becomes straight. The arm is curved right now. Once it's tightened to the appropriate torque, that curved arm will become straight. Then tighten down the other side. You can now reinstall your cover. Place the ears back in, push it in flush, and lock it down. Repeat that for any footpad you don't have the cover on. Now you're ready to load up your favorite accessories and hit the road.That completes our installation of Rhino-Rack's Roof System on our 2009 Pontiac G6.

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