Rhino-Rack Master-Fit Rooftop Cargo Box Review - 2012 Jeep Liberty

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Review of the Rhino Rack Master-Fit Rooftop Cargo Box on a 2012 Jeep Liberty

Today on our 2012 Jeep Liberty, we'll be testing the Rhino Rack Master Fit rooftop cargo box with 14 cubic feet of space, silver in color, part number RMF400. With a Thule Rapid Crossroads roof rack system installed on our Jeep, we'll begin our test fit by placing the cargo box up onto the vehicles load bars. Once we get the box in position, we can unlock it and open the lid, exposing the four slots in the bottom of the box. We can then take the clamps, slide them down through the slots, over top of each bar, and then turn the knobs, which will tighten down the clamps. Now this box does open from both sides, so I'll move to the other side of the vehicle, just to give you and idea of what it looks like. This dual sided opening lid will enable you to easily load and unload cargo from either side of your Jeep. We'll then move to the rear of the Jeep and open up the rear hatch.

As you can see, it does not come in contact with the back of the box. That will complete today's test fit of the Rhino Rack Master Fit rooftop cargo box, part number RMF400 on our 2012 Jeep Liberty. .

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