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Rhino-Rack Crossbar Batwing Awning Installation - 2017 Ford Transit T150

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How to Install the Rhino-Rack Crossbar Batwing Awning on a 2017 Ford Transit T150

Shane: Hi. I'm Shane with Today you're going to be taking a look at, I'm going to show you how to install the Rhino-Rack Batwing Roof-Rack Mounted Awning on our 2017 Ford Transit T-150.Out Batwing's going to provide us with 270 degrees of coverage from the passenger side all the way around to the back. As you can see, we're still going to have total access to this side of our vehicle and for our back doors.The Batwing's should be designed, not only for shade, but to keep you out of the rain. Not only for your construction workers and your tailgaters, but for your campers.Our canvas is going to be constructed of a polyester ripstop material, that's going to be resistant against mold and mildew, water and UV rays.Each leg is going to be retractable. This is if we're on un-level ground.

Now, nice feature is when we're ready to fold our Batwing back up and put it back in the bag, we don't have to retract the legs, we simply fold 'em up, lock 'em into place and then we can store 'em in that position.Another really nice feature is you can actually buy sides for this to give you a full enclosure and the zippers are already installed. Keep in mind that this canopy is not designed for windy situations. It's designed for shade and for the light rainy conditions.Our poles are going to be a black powder coated anodized aluminum to resist rust and corrosion. Your awning's going to come with eight guide ropes, orange in color so they're easy to see at night, ten stakes, to not only hold down your legs, but to secure your guide ropes to the ground.Our Batwing casing or Batwing cover is going to be a PVC material, so it's going to hold up in all weather conditions, very, very durable.Now that we've gone over some of the features, let's show you how to get it installed. We're going to start with this bracket here.

You're going to need a 10 millimeter socket and a half inch socket. A plate that looks like this, what we're going to do, depending on which crossbars you have, it's going to depend on which way you have this mounted. We have the Vortex Aero Crossbars, so we're actually going to be mounting it this way. We're going to take two small hex bolts, gonna put on a lock washer, small flat washer, it's gonna go on the bottom like this. Then we're going to thread 'em right into the plate.

We're going to leave 'em loose for now and we're going to go to the center hole. You're going to have a couple of bolts that look like this. These are going to go on the back. I'm gonna slide 'em in like this, flat washer, nylon locknut.You'll notice there's three holes. We're gonna put one in the top hole and one in the bottom hole.

Now we're going to take our bracket, we're going to slide it into these slots. Again, we're not going to tighten this down. We're going to slide it down like this and we're going to take our half inch socket and we're not going to tighten these down, 'cause we want 'em to be able to adjust 'em. We're just going to snug 'em up a little bit. We're going to repeat the same process for the other bracket.You're going to have a hook that looks like this in your kit. We're going to take these two pieces, we're going to have a flat Allen head bolt, we're going to thread those down through and into the bracket, again, we're just going to loosely install for now.Now, because this is a passenger side mounted awning, we need to mount our hook on the rear driver side crossbar. What this is used for, this is a tie-down hook, so when we open our Batwing up, we'll have a strap that we hook to this. We need to remove our strip here, we're going to slide this in and I'm going to tighten it in place.Now, before I cut my strips to fit in place, what I'm going to do is I'm going to install the Batwing, I'm going to open it up to make sure that it's lined up with this and make any adjustment necessary.Now, with an extra set of hands, you take that plate, slide it right into place. 10 millimeter socket, we'll tighten our bolts down. Now our half inch socket and wrench will tighten down the nuts going to the back of our awning.As you can see, I had to move my hook down just a little bit. What was happening was where I had it set up here, when that strap, it was pulling like this, and it was actually pulling on the canopy, so I wanted that strap straight coming from the bar itself. Now that I've got it set, I can throw these back in and trim 'em down how I need to.To open your Batwing, we're going to start by coming here to the back, we're going to pull out this flap. We have another flap here and we're going to have a zipper. We're going the take it, fold it over the top. We're going to have a pouch right here, a little bag that's going to have your stakes and your guide ropes in it. Pull those out, we're going to fold this over. Gonna take our hook and loop straps, gonna undo 'em. We're gonna let our canopy fall like that. We'll grab our four bars, pull 'em off and then we can start spreading 'em out.I'm going to go ahead and fold down this back leg, like this. Then we're going to take our strap that's got the hook in it and we're going to hook it onto our tie-down right here. Pull our strap, that cinches up our canopy.Gonna start by extending my legs. To extend 'em, you just twist and twist to lock 'em into place. We're going to take out hook and loop strap on our canopy and go around our pole, just like that. We're going to do that on each leg.Next, we're going to have a couple of ways to secure it. You're going to have a triangle with a loop on it. In your kit, you're going to get an orange rope, gonna have a black hook on it and a metal hook. Metal hook is gonna go here and then your black hook, if you're staking it in the ground, you can run around the stake. We are on a concrete floor, so let's say you're tailgating. You're on a parking lit somewhere. A five gallon bucket like this works really well, full of sand. You're going to run your rope around, you're going to take the black hook and you're going to hook it onto the rope. That's what's going to give you your tension. If you notice, how this curves down like this, it acts as a rain gutter to divert the rain down here instead of over the whole canopy. We're going to have one of these in the center of each section.Other ways to tie it down:If you're in grass, not only you stake it with the rope, take two stakes in the bottom of each leg, in the foot, it's got pre-drilled holes in it to run two stakes through.I'll show you how kinda how it goes through here. You can go one that way and you go one this way. Stake it right into the ground.To fold our Batwing back up into it's bag, first thing we want to do is, we want to unhook our strap from our tie-down on top of our vehicle. Then we'll take each one of our legs, we're going to unhook to hook and loop strap around our canopy or around our pole from our canopy. We're going to simply fold our legs back up into place. Then we're simply just going to rotate like this. I'm going to just start in order putting 'em back into place. Just like that.Another nice feature is that we're going to have magnets right up here in the end of our legs, it will help hold it in place. Then to fold it up, we're going to take this point, right here in the center, and we're just gonna simply roll it. Take our hook and loop straps, put it to our tie-downs like that. We'll take our PVC cover, put it over top of our canvas. We'll go and zip it into place and we'll take our canvas bag for our stakes and our guide ropes. Go ahead and put 'em back in our pouch. Zip our canvas the rest of the way, like that. Were going to take this strap and we'll have one here, fold this one up, the other one onto it. Take this one, go across the back and our canvas is well protected.

Jim G.


Looks like you need to carry a ladder with you to be able to put out and back in.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


It depends on how tall your vehicle is, but a ladder might be handy. We do have another video that shows the Batwing on a Toyota 4-Runner, and it is more easily accessible from the ground. I have included a link to that video as well.

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