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Reese Fold-Down Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation - 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

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How to Install the Reese Fold-Down Gooseneck Trailer Hitch on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Alright today on a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 crew cab we're going to install part number 8339-4456. This is a fold down gooseneck trailer hitch, to start out our install we'll go ahead into the truck rail. To do that we're going to go ahead and remove each shield for the spare tire, now the spare tire shield is easy, just 2 bolts to remove and set to the side. Then we'll go ahead and lower our exhaust, to do that we'll use a strap at the very end of the tip to help support it, while we go ahead and take off the rubber hangers. To remove the rubber hangers we'll spray them down with some lubricant then pry them off using a pry bar. To give us extra leverage we'll go a head using a block of wood as well.

We'll work our way up to the first junction that that we can unbolt and then we'll just go ahead and loosen up the nuts, it's a good idea to spray them down with some lubricant, then we'll go ahead and back up the nuts as far as they can go, then we'll go to the back end of our exhaust and using the strap, we'll go ahead and use it to lower our exhaust in a controlled manner. Alright, next thing we need to work on is the heat shield, the heat shield section above the axle, we're going to have to cut out to make room for our hitch. Now to do that you can use tin snips, however if you can use a cutting wheel to make the majority of your cut and then finish of with tin snips. We'll go ahead and move that section out of a way, that's a major cut for now, if we need to, we'll go ahead and trim each shield more as needed later on. Last things we need to do to get the truck ready for the hitch, is to make 1 more notch on the sheet metal that's just above the bed, to give us plenty of room to install the cross members, now the front cross members takes up the most room, we'll go ahead and install it first.

Our front cross members will need reinforcement on the front of it, so we'll go ahead and line up the notch and then go ahead and set it into place, now in this case we had a really tight fit, so we had to persuaded into place. Once it got inside, we'll go ahead and push to the other side and let it rest on the other frame rail, then we'll get on our knees and push it to the front as far is possible. Next we'll go ahead and do the same thing with the rear cross member, this one takes up less space and slides in easy and we'll push it to the hatch channel, going towards the back. Now we can go ahead put our side plates on, first off we'll go ahead and do a test for rails. We'll go ahead and put the side plates on the cross rails, then we'll see what holes line up, now the holes that need to be lined up need to be the 5/8 holes.

So we'll go ahead and take the side bracket down and go ahead and set it off to the side and then we'll mark for holes, now we know what holes to work with, so we'll install our 5/8 hardware. We'll install 5/8 by 2 and a half inch bolt and a 3 inch long block, to install it we'll go ahead and use a bolt leader that's provided with the kit. On the 4 hole, we'll go ahead and install the bolt leader into the hole and then work it out the larger oval hole, we'll then install our block, then we'll throw down our bolt and then we'll push it into frame head first and then pull through the hole, we're done with 1, we'll go to the hole towards back truck and repeat the same process. Now our forward bolt will give an extra block that goes between frame and a side bracket. We'll leave our bolt leaders on and then go ahead and reinstall our bracket, we'll put down our cross rails and then we'll go ahead and work the bolts through, then we'll go ahead and put the bracket into place and install our hardware on the outside.

We'll loosely install 5/8 count teeth, washer and nut, and we install the complicate 00:04:41 washer you want to make sure the teeth always stays towards the hitch, for now we just need this hardware finger tight. We are done for passenger side, we'll go ahead and repeat the same thing over on our driver side. Alright at this point point we are going to go ahead and snug down our bolts. Go into our frame bracket to our frame just enough to hold them in place, and also we're going to do the same thing for the bolts that go from the cross members to the frame brackets. Now we're going to snug those down. Okay, when our cross rail's in position, it's a good idea to make sure your frame brackets are even on each side. Okay, our cross member is in position, we'll go ahead and drill out 2 holes, first of we'll go ahead and mark our holes to drill. On the rear cross member, there's an oval slot and we need to go to the outside edge of the slot. Now in this case, the hole we need to drill is on the angle of the correlation, so we'll go ahead and use our 5/8 drill bit to make your mark best as we can, we'll start out vertical and work our way diagonal to try to get as centered as possible. Once we have our mark made, we'll go back and add a quarter inch drill bit, this will be our power hole. Okay, we'll do this in both oval slot on the rear cross member, when we are done we'll have 2 quarter inch holes on top of our bed. Okay, if our power holes are drilled out, we'll go ahead and get into the bed and lay out our template that comes with the instructions. Will take the template and lay it over existing holes that we drilled out, we'll center them out as best as we can . We found out in this case that holes are a little bit off center but we can fix that later on. When it comes time to install the hardware we'll save those bolts for last and use the hitch of the template to make our adjustment in the holes. After you have the template taped down and centered over our holes, then we're going to go ahead and use it to mark our holes. To do this we're going to be using a punch and basically we're going to go around the cut out first and make our mark to the punch, and then we'll go through the holes across the top for our hardware and U bolts. We'll remove our template and then we'll go ahead and mark our holes with the marker to help find them and then we'll go ahead and drill out our power holes, in this case we're using a quarter inch drill bit making our holes first. Then basically we're going to use our marker to connect the dots, they will be our cut out. This point it's a good idea to double check our cut out underneath to make sure there's nothing that in the way that can be hit by a blade, so a large one of the holes so we can get our blade started and we'll just basically work our way around our pattern. Once we've made our initial cut we'll go ahead and put the hitch in. Then we'll adjust as needed to match up to the holes, chances are we'll have to trim out just a little bit more to make sure it fits flat on the bed, then we'll also drill out our other holes to 5/8. Starting on the crossbar going towards the cab we'll go ahead and install our new carriage bolt, we'll use an alignment tool, this could also be a very large screwdriver, to help pull everything in position so we can install our hardware. One on each corner will get a carriage bolt. There is also a block we need to install between the bed and the hitch. Now the instructions say to go ahead and install this blocks underneath the edge of hitch on inside a bed however we found we have a lot more room and get a lot more grip if we did it on the bottom. So we'll go ahead and slip them on the bottom and then install the rest of our hardware which will be a knot washer and a nut. Alright we'll do this in both sides, and then just draw everything down, just to take up the slack. Alright now we'll go back in tip the bed and continue on the other 2 holes in the back, now our holes are a little bit off so what we need to do is go ahead and drill a couple more power holes, once our power hole's finish we'll go back and add in a 5/8 drill bit and our hitch will be our template to to drill through, it's a good idea to start of with an angle first since we're going right into the middle of a corrugation. Okay, now once again we'll go ahead and install our 5/8 carriage bolts from the top down. We'll install our block underneath and then our lock washers and nuts. We'll go ahead and snug those up as well. This time we can also dropping in our U bolts, we'll go ahead and clean up the holes as necessary to 5/8 drill bit and then install our U bolts. The same time while we're underneath the truck we'll go ahead and install the flat washer, the spring, another flat washer and a lock nut. Then we'll go ahead and snug up our bolts and make sure everything is sitting the way we want it. At this point it would be a good idea to do a final inspection on the hitch and make sure the hitch is sitting square in the bed and then we'll go ahead and tighten down our bolts for good. Then we'll tweak the bolts down as specified in the instructions. Alright, with all our bolts tighten and tweak down we're finished with our install the hitch, at this point we can go ahead and reinstall the exhaust, as well as the heat shield, then the spare tire and the tires and wheels for back axle. Alright we'll go ahead and show you how it works, it's pretty simple just pull up on the ring and pull it off to the side or the passenger side of truck and it pops the ball up, then you can grab the ball, pull vertical and put the cap back down, and that's it. To store the ball just reverse the process. Pull up on the ring one more time, push the ball towards the cover and then push the cover back down and with that we are finished with our install part number 8339-4456 on 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 crew cab. .

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