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Reese GMC LED Lighted Vehicle Emblem Installation - 2011 GMC Acadia

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How to Install a Reese GMC LED Lighted Vehicle Emblem on a 2011 GMC Acadia

Today on this 2011 GMC Acadia were going to install part number 86091 from Reese. Our first step to install this is go ahead and remove the original logo. Well go ahead and use a fishing line to separate the logo from the vehicle. With all adhesive removed from the vehicle, now Ill go ahead and mark for a hole we need to drill for our wire. We measure from the bottom of a new logo to where the wires are and then from the center, the M on the logo, over. Once we have our marks we can go ahead and drill out a 1/4-inch hole.

Now with a hole drilled out, well go inside the hatch and remove the interior paneling. To do this well need to remove the handle piece here as well as the two screws and three pushpin fasteners. Then well use a panel removal tool. Well next go to the license plate area, theres a grommet inside just behind this slide that leads up to the open area where our vehicle wires are. Well remove these two screws here to loosen up the light on the drivers side.

Well take our new logo and tape up the wires using electrical tape and then well take the wires of the new logo and feed them through the whole we drilled out in the light area and then push them through the grommet to the back of a hatch. Once the wires are through well cut the grommet and fit the wires in so we can go ahead and reinstall the grommet. Once the wires are inside well cut back the tape on the vehicle wires and begin testing for functions. Now I tested the wires and found out the light blue wire on the inside rang out from the third brake light we can use for our brake signal. And then the purple wire we tested going out to on the taillights on the hatch and the purple wire is going to be a running light circuit.

Well connect the red wire from the new logo to the blue wire using the provided quick connector and a brown wire will be connected to the purple wire. And our white wire will ran to a black wire which we know is ground. Now Ill go and test our logo to make sure it works fine before we attach it permanently. Well make sure that the surface is clean, well peel back the backing on adhesive, center it up and attach it to the vehicle. We can go ahead and reinstall the interior panel.

That then will finish it for our install of part number 86091 on our 2011 GMC Acadia.

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