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Reese OEM 5th Wheel Hitch Installation - 2018 Ram 3500

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How to Install the Reese OEM 5th Wheel Hitch on a 2018 Ram 3500

Today on our 2018 Ram 3500 we're going to be taking a look at the Reese OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Towing prep-package.This is what our Reese 5th Wheel Hitch looks like when it's installed in our truck. This is going to allow us to easily hook up to the king pin on our 5th wheel trailer. A nice thing about this, is this is designed to work with our factory puck system.This curved hitch is going to have a nice wide base. Constructed of forged steel with a nice black powder coat finish that's going to resist any rust or corrosion. Each foot can be easily adjusted to lock into our factory puck system. Our center section allows us to adjust the height of our head by giving us 2-1/2" of adjustability.For our head they've allowed us a have wide opening here at the front that's going to allow us to hook up to our king pin very easily even if we're at an angle.

We're going to have a nice wide base. This gives us a very solid foundation when we're hooked up to our king pin. And, we're going to have four ways of articulation. This is going to help with the hooking and unhooking on unlevel ground, and traveling maybe going over railroad tracks and stuff like that. You can see, we got forward and backward movement, and side-to-side movement.We're going to have a single piece sub-latching jaw.

When your king pin hits this front section it's going to push it out, unlock it and it's going to lock around the king pin.One of the other things I really like about this hitch is how large this handle is. This is a very large grip. Allows you to hold onto it very well. It's very close to the edge of the truck so you can access it from outside of the truck. You don't have to get into the bed to get it.

Unlike some of the other ones out there where you have to reach down inside the bed of the truck, or reach over the truck to get ahold of those handles. To lock it open or to lock our jaw open you simply pull it out, pull it back just like that. That's going to lock it open. You back into your king pin, and as I mentioned when that king pin hits what it's going to do it's going to push this and over. Now I'm going to hold not this handle so I don't pinch my fingers.

You cv see how that did that. Then it's going to just wrap around your king pin.I want to point something out as very important. You'll notice that we have a pin here. It's not allowing us to lock our handle in place. What this is telling us is that our king pin is not all the way in place. You'll notice a little tab here. When your king pin hits this your king pin is going to move that plate, then allow you to drop your pin in place. That's how you know your king pin is fully inserted inside your jaw.As far as the weight capacities go we're going to have a 20,000 pound gross trailer weight, and a 5,000 pound max pin weight, or vertical load limit. Nice thing about this set up is we can remove the hitch to give us total bed access. When comparing this to other hitches this one is going to have a little bit more metal on metal contact between the head and the center section. Which is going to make it just a little bit more noisy. That being said, this is still going to work great to pull your 5th wheel hitches and is going to be one of your more economical choices.To start your installation, your kits are going to come with four pieces. Your risers for each side, your center section and then your head. One thing I want to pint out for your risers, when you're installing the center section you want to make sure you have the risers on the correct side. The factory pucks in the back, the holes are going to be bigger than the ones that are in the front. So you just want to make sure that your risers are on the correct way, or on the correct side of your center section.Next, you're going to make sure that you install your center section, or loosely install it, onto your risers before you drop it into the pucks in the bed. One thing I want to point out, when installing your center section you'll notice the offset here. This here is offset one way or the other more. Per the instructions it's recommended that this offset is towards the cab of the truck. However, depending on how your vehicles set up this can actually be turned around so that this offset is more towards the back side of the axle rather than towards the front of it.Now for the height adjustment on your center section. You want to make sure for this hitch we do not use the top hole on either side. We're only going to be using the bottom three holes.Your kits going to come with four hex bolts, and four lock washers. Once you've decided your height that best suites your vehicle this are going to bolt directly into the risers. I'm going to go ahead and point this out. Before we set it into place. You may need to adjust this bottom section here to fit into your puck system. Pull out this cat and you'll notice there is a cotter pin and a nut. There's going to be a tool that comes in your kit to hold that nut down. What you're going to do is you're going to take out the cotter pin. You're going to loosen this, this'll spin, this handle will spin off there. That'll create space between this and this. If it's not closing, now you also adjust it forwards and backwards. How you do that is you're going to loosen this, you're going to take that tool, you're going to put it on this nut here. Then you're going to loosen them too. Once you loosen them you can adjust it forward and backwards depending on how your pucks are set up in your vehicle. Once you're done with that put your cotter pin back in. Tighten everything back up. Put your cap on and then you can set your hitch in place.Now to install this into our vehicle you want to make sure that you're handles are pointing in like this. We're going to set it into place and we want to make sure that everything falls down into our pucks. You want to make sure that you can turn these handles like that. If you can't turn them, again, that's how you're going to make that adjustment. We'll lock those in place. You're going to take the 15/16ths socket and you're going to tighten the four bolts to your center section. Then you're going to torque them to the specifications in the instructions.When installing your center section keep in mind we're going to have metal on metal contact here. So you want to make sure you use lithium grease to make sure that this moves freely. When installing it you want to make sure you also have your pin and clips available. If you notice right here there's a groove at the bottom. We're going to be inserting a pin and clip right through these holes to help hold this head down in place. You can set it down like that, grab our pin, just like that. Now we can install our clips and that'll lock our head into place.To install our handle we're going to take this and slide it in. We're going to have carriage bolts, lock washers, and a nut. Tighten those into place and you're going to have a rubber grip to slide on the end of your handle.That'll do it for our look at Reese OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Towing Truck Package on our 2018 Ram 3500.

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