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Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades Installation - 2011 Mercury Mariner

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How to Install Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades on a 2011 Mercury Mariner

Today on our 2011 Mercury Mariner, we'll be installing the Rain-X Latitude Windshield Wiper Blades, Part Number RX5079277. Now, the 2011 Mercury Mariner will take two 20 inch beam style blades. The contoured beam style frame applies uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade, which will create a streak-free wipe and ensure even wear along the blade. The heavy-duty graphite coated rubber edge delivers smooth, noiseless wiping action even in freezing conditions; and it's aerodynamic design reduces wind drag, noise and lift at high speeds. Now to install our Latitude Wiper Blades, we'll need to remove the factory blades. To do this, we'll pinch the two knobs here on the blade together.

This will allow us to remove the blade from the arm itself. We'll now take our new latitude blade where we'll need to change out the attachment point. To do this, we'll push the knob here up where we can then slide the attachment point off of the blade itself. We'll then take our new blade attachment and slide it into place making sure that it locks. With that done, we can now go to our arm on the vehicle where we'll hook it into place and slide the attachment point down locking it to the arm.

We'll do that on both sides which will complete the installation of our Rain-X Latitude Windshield Wiper Blades Beam Style, 20 inch, Part Number RX5079277 on our 2011 Mercury Mariner.