Rackem Double Barrel Trailer Tailgate Assist Installation

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How to Install the Rackem Double Barrel Trailer Tailgate Assist

Today on our utility trailer, we'll be installing the Rackem Double Barrel trailer gate assist, part number RA-27C. To begin with, we will need to go ahead and mark the four holes that we'll need to drill in our trailer, two in the gate where our chain will hook to the support bracket for lifting the gate up and down, and two on the actual side rail of the trailer. Once we have all four holes marked, we'll go ahead and begin drilling. The two gate holes will be a little bit smaller, and we can go ahead and just drill them straight through. Now for the section that has the springs in it that will mount to the side of our trailer, we're going to go ahead and start with the smaller drill bit first, and then go ahead and step up to the actual size. With all the holes drilled, we'll go ahead and mount the double spring mechanism on the side of the trailer.

We'll put the bolt through the top and put the nylon lock nut underneath, tightening it down. With this tightened down, we can go ahead and put our side clamp or our lifting bracket on the trailer gate. Now on this particular trailer, the owner wants to fold the gate all the way forward, so we're going to use a couple spacer blocks to scoot the bracket out from the trailer gate just a little bit. We'll feed our bolt through the bracket, followed by the nylon lock nut. We'll go ahead and tighten everything down then.

Finally, we'll use our quick links and go ahead and connect to the end that has the springs on it, or the end where the chain comes out of it, to that loop. With that hole connected, we'll go ahead and connect to the top hole on the bracket on the trailer gate. This particular trailer gate's a little heavy, so we'll go ahead and use the top hole to begin with. With both of the clips secured, we're ready to go ahead and test our gate. As you can see, it lowers down with ease.

With the gate pulled down and the double barrel hooked up, it takes very little pressure to raise the gate. And with that, that will complete the installation of the Rackem Double Barrel trailer gate assist, part number RA-27C, on our utility trailer. .

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Nancy A.

Is there a way to use this on a horse trailer ramp? 45639

Reply from Rachael H.

This tailgate assist # RA-27C needs to be mounted in a horizontal orientation. If there is a horizontal rail that you can use to attach this tailgate lift assist to, then you should be good to go. But that may not be feasible on the inside of your trailer near your horses, or any cargo you may have in your trailer. Depending on the construction of your trailer there may not be an external horizontal rail to mount this to either. I have included links to the product page and the installation instructions that have additional information that may not be covered in our videos. 42988

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