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Putco Box Board Running Boards Installation - 2005 Ford F-350

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How to Install Putco Box Board Running Boards on a 2005 Ford F-350

Today on our 2005 Ford F350 Super Duty well be installing the Putco Master Boss rounded running board, box board, part number P62522. Note, on this application well need to trim the rear edge in order for it to fit properly with the dual rear wheel setup on this vehicle. First well go ahead and take a straight edge, mark the line and then cut off the top edge. Now with that done were ready to go ahead and install the front end cap. This will be a black cap secured with two cap screws and a quarter inch flange nut. Then well move to the rear flap, or cap, which will be a large polished sheet of steel that well need to remove the protective film from. see more >