Putco Element Bug Shield Hood Protector Installation - 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup

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How to Install the Putco Element Bug Shield Hood Protector on a 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2011 Dodge Ram Pickup, well be installing the Putco Element Bug Shield Hood Protector in the chrome Color Part Number P470200. To begin with well need to first open up the hood on our vehicle. Were then going to go ahead and do a trial fit of our bug shield hood protector. We want to make sure that the mounting holes will line up with the hood shield protector. The 4 holes on the underside of the hood that well be using to mount our new bug shield hood protector are located here. Theres two smaller holes on the outside of the hood and 2 larger holes toward the center that well be using.

Now were going to go ahead and attach the hardware for the underside of the bug shield hood protector. Well be using 2 different sets of hardware to install our bug shield. The outer 2 locations well be using 2 small Phillips head screws with the washers that have the smaller hole in them. Well also be using the 2 smaller rubber inserts with the threads installed on one end. For the 2 outer locations on our bug shield, well put the small Phillips head screw through the small washer.

Well then go from the underside of the bug shield, through the mounting location, and well just barely start it threading into our rubber insert. For the two middle locations well use the large flat head screw with the large hole washer again putting it in from the underside of the bug shield. On this one well take the large rubber inserts and repeat the same process by just barely starting it on the threads. Once we have all 4 locations installed were ready to install it onto our hood. Well do this by lining up the holes and getting the center 2 holes in place first.

Well then get the 2 outer locations in their holes in the hood as well. Once we have all the hardware pushed up into the hood, we can go ahead and make sure that its centered, and then we can snug things up. You dont want to over tighten things. Just tighten it enough to keep the bug shield in place and hold it to the hood. As you tighten down each of the screws the rubber insert will pull tight and expand holding it tight into the hood.

Once weve got all the hardware loosely installed in the hood well go ahead and do a few test runs by pulling the hood down and making sure its going to clear the front grill. Well also make sure that were centered on the hood. Now that weve got the bug shield in the proper location, well go ahead and tighten down the hardware. Again, we dont want to over tighten it. Just tight enough that it holds it to the hood. Now that we have the hardware underneath the hood tightened down well go ahead and close the hood down. The final step that we need to do is attach the rubber bump-on where the hood shield comes in contact with the hood when you push on it. Each of the locations that well be attaching the rubber bump-ons to are on the outermost edge of the hood. Before we can do this, we use the alcohol pad that comes with the kit, and well clean the surface of the hood. Once this dries, we can go ahead and take the rubber bump-on and peal the back off the 2-sided adhesive already attached to it. Then by gently pulling out on the bug shield to allow enough room to slide this in place, well go ahead and slide the rubber bump-on in place and then push gently in on the bug shield so that it pushes the rubber bump-on firmly against the hood. Well repeat this process on both the driver and the passenger side. Once you have both the rubber bump-ons installed that will complete your installation of the Putco Element Bug Shield Hood Protector in the Chrome color on our 20011 Dodge Ram Pickup, Part Number P470200. .

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