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PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter Installation - 2016 Ford F-150

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How to Install a PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter on a 2016 Ford F-150

Today on our 2016 Ford F-150, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how to install the PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter.The new engine air filter is going to not only increase fuel mileage in your car, it's going to help your engine run a lot better. So it's a good idea to replace this every six months to every year. At least look at it every six months and what we're looking for is, if you look down inside of these coils, we don't want to see a bunch of dirt and stuff built up there because that's reducing the amount of air flow going into our engine.When you reduce the amount of air flow going in, it makes your engine work harder and it doesn't allow any of that air flow to help cool down your engine. Your engine's going to run much more efficiently the cooler it is and the more air flow you get going in there. It's going to have a nice thick rubber ring right here running along this edge. This is going to help seal, when you put that top cap on, it's going to help seal this so no air can seep in through those edges.If you notice how it's kind of sealed up there in that corner edge there.

That's going to keep any dirt and debris from being sucked through into your engine. So not only is it going to increase air flow, but it's also going to keep any dirt and debris from getting in and causing any damage to the inside of your engine. Right of this tube, right at the bottom, you'll notice this big box. Take your clips, pull them off like this and you're going to lift and slide this out. We'll take our new one, we're just going to drop it right into place.

Reinstall our cover and we're ready to go.That'll do it for a look at the installation on the PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter on our 2016 Ford F-150.

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