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PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter Installation - 2017 Toyota RAV4

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How to Install the PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter on a 2017 Toyota RAV4

What's going on everybody. Adam here with Etrailer. Today, we're going to be installing the PTC custom air filter for our 2017 Toyota RAV4. It's always smart to check your air filter, to make sure no moisture has gotten to it or it's just not completely clogged up. This is basically, the only thing in between your engine and the outside world. We just want the air and nothing else.

So, the more air we can put through it, with a clean filter, the more fuel efficient, your motor is gonna run, so definitely go ahead and do this, probably about every, three, maybe four oil changes. First things first, let's go ahead and put this to the side and open it up. It's going right here, you're gonna want to pull these back, just like that, and this is gonna come out, and you're gonna, kind of just pull it like that, and then, kind of pull this out, and you can already see the difference, this is a 2017 and look at that, we're gonna probably see, a little bit of fuel economy just from having a pretty dirty filter, to changing to the new one. So let's, install this one, it's exactly how the other one was going in, just like that, push it down, and replace it, make sure to put the bottom, and make sure it all lines up, just like that, and once it gets all lined up, we can put down, and replace our clips and we are done, it is that easy. People always tell me that they don't really change out their air filters that often and just kind of makes me cringe, because one, it is gonna affect a fuel economy, not a lot, but enough, and you got to remember, air is what makes the whole entire motor work, so getting clean air at the quantity that it needs, is definitely going to make your car a lot happier, and of course your pocket, too.

So that's pretty much it for our look at the PTC custom fit air filter, for our 2017 Toyota Rav4..

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