PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter Installation - 2017 Toyota Prius v

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How to Install the PTC Custom Fit Engine Air Filter on a 2017 Toyota Prius v

Rob: Rob here at and today we're gonna be taking a look at the PTC custom fit engineer filter for our 2017 Prius V. Now an engine air filter is going to be one of those maintenance items that a lot of times people don't think about, but by the time we remember, we're already getting our oil change and some of these turns off an add on item, but on our Prius is going to be so easy to replace, there's no need to pay anybody else. In fact, we have our new filter here, so let's go ahead and check our old filter and replace it if we need to. So if we open up the hood on a Prius. We'll find our air box right here in the center, right behind the latch mechanism for our hood, we're going to have two tabs. Let's pop them open.

And you're gonna want to grab it on the front, lift up slightly, and you'll see the hinges back here.You're gonna want to lift up and then pull out, and then it'll allow the lid to come up. We'll grab the filter underneath and we can see that it's not that dirty, but it is getting a little bit of debris stuck inside of there so it might as well change it while it's out. So we'll set the old one aside, and we'll grab our new one. We're just going to slide it in, make sure it's all the way in there. And then with these hinges kind of wanna rotate just like we took it out, lift up the front, push it in, we drop the lid down and latch it closed.

Now with our two filters side by side, you can really tell how dirty the old filter is and obviously we want to make sure that the air going in the engine's going to be clean so there's no damage to it. And then we get the best fuel economy that we can.So regularly checking and changing your air filter will make sure that we get the most performance and best gas mileage out of our Prius. That'll finish up your look at the PTC custom engine air filter on our 2017 Prius V.

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